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The Organic Traffic Booster Bot, existing in the SEO Booster Bot and a product of the vUser website, is a robotic software product vUser website, is a robotic software product that can increase your website Google rank by simulating the satisfied users’ behavior. Actually, it clicks on your website link in the SERP and surfs your website using different accounts and making unique visits that lead to an increase in your website rank in the Google search results and drive organic traffic to your website from Google search for different keywords.
In this post, we are going to explain how the vUser Organic Traffic Booster Bot helps you and how it works.

What is the use of the Organic Traffic Booster Bot?

If you have a website, you are undoubtedly looking for ways to drive more people to your website. As it is clear, the higher the position of your website is in the SERP, the more organic traffic comes to your website.

Similarly, the more people visit your website from Google, the higher position your website will get from Google. You may wonder how!

As you know, how much a website responds to the user's needs is the most important factor for Google to rank it , that is, if a large number of users search for a certain keyword and then click on the link to your website in the SERP, enter the website, scroll it and visit its different sections and spend some time surfing your website, the RankBrain algorithm of Google, by tracking how users behave, comes to this conclusion that your website is popular enough and meets the needs of users who google for that particular keyword. This causes Google to show your website at a higher position on the search results page and assign it a better rank for those specific keywords and key phrases.

Now, how can you drive more visits to your website if your website rank is not high enough to entice users to click on it in the SERP?

The fact is that you can simulate different users’ behavior searching and visiting your website in order to seem popular to Google. You may think it will work if you manually just google the keywords related to your website, click on your link in the SERP to open it, scroll it and visit different parts of the website to simulate the behavior of a user who, in your website, has found what he was looking for.
But things are not as easy as it may seem to be done manually.
There are two very important things to keep in mind when simulating organic visits to a website:

  1. To simulate effectively, you need to generate unique visits to your site by searching with different IPs and devices.
  2. Simulated visits attract Google's attention if they are not temporary and are repeated continuously.

As a result, these visits need to be repeated constantly and according to certain principles to positively affect the website rank. That is why you need automated tools, such as the vUser Organic Traffic Booster Bot, to effectively do this process on a regular basis and increase the rank of your website.


of Organic Traffic Booster Bot

Important tips

Configuring and running the " Organic Traffic Booster " bot is similar to what is described in the tutorial videos of this package; Meaning that, first you need to set the bot as you intend and then run the bot.

Tips You Should Care About When Using the Bot

  1. Note that this bot works based on your keyword search on Google and finding your site in the search results, so if your site is not yet indexed by Google and your site is not shown in the search results, you cannot use the bot. and you must first make your site's Google Console and provide the conditions for your site to be indexed faster.
  2. Using introduced accounts in this bot is optional. If you enter the name of the introduced account in the bot settings, the search simulation operation will be performed with that account or that Gmail, and if you leave it blank, you can use the proxy simulation and setting device without the Gmail method.
  3. When preparing proxies, care about preparing proxies specified by Google search so that you encounter fewer Captchas when searching for keywords.
  4. This bot can pass the Google Captcha with the help of the 2captcha website; you just need to sign up on the website and charge your account with 5 dollars and enter the received Token in the Settings section. By doing so, the bot solves Google Captchas for you and continues working.
  5. Note that if you open the Excel file while the bot is running, it will encounter problems and stop working. Therefore, if you want to check the tasks while the bot is running, it is better to temporarily stop the bot by pressing the F2 key on the keyboard or by pressing the Pause button in the Player program, and then check the output Excel file.

How the Organic Traffic Booster Bot Works

How to configure and work with the Organic Traffic Booster Bot is provided in tutorial PDF and video files, which come with the bot. Therefore, here in this section, we are not going to offer a detailed and step-by-step explanation on how to run the bot.

To launch this bot, you just need to open the SEO Booster UI program and choose the Organic Traffic Booster Bot, apply the required settings by inserting the keywords you want to be googled by the bot and the links on which you want the bot to click on and visit and specify other required issues.

Finally, you run the bot. Afterwards, you do not need to do anything because the rest will be done automatically by the Organic Traffic Booster Bot.
Based on how you set the bot, the Organic Traffic Booster Bot creates a browser. The bot can simulate 4 different mobile, and 3 different desktop devices, plus your own system.
The bot is also capable of setting a proxy (if any available) on the browsers it creates. These features cause the visits the Organic traffic Booster Bot makes to be unique.

You can also introduce multiple Google accounts to the Organic Traffic Booster Bot so that it can search and visit with these accounts logged in. Clearly, Google accounts add a higher value to the visit made and make the visits more acceptable to Google .
Then, the Organic Traffic Booster Bot will open the browser it has created, go to and in the search field, type the first query you have listed in the bot settings and search it. Then, among the results that appear in the SERP, the Organic Traffic Booster Bot will look for the target link (that you have entered in the bot settings), find it in whatever result page it is, and click on it.
Based on how you set the bot, the Organic Traffic Booster Bot will visit the webpage, scroll it, click on buttons, watch the videos and surf up to 3 internal webpages.
The bot will repeat this process with any of the possible browsers, IPs you have provided, for every one of the queries and links you have inserted.
Doing these activities simulates the behavior of a user who has found the answer to his query on this website, making Google believe that this website is the right answer to any user who searches for the same queries.
In the video below, you can see how the Organic Traffic Booster Bot works.

How can you get the Organic Traffic Booster Bot?

As we mentioned at the beginning of the article, the Organic Traffic Booster Bot is a part of the SEO Booster Bot Package, which is a product of the vUser website, and to get the bot you need to purchase the whole package for 59 €.

The Organic Traffic Booster Bot is just a small part of the SEO Booster Bot Package and it includes some other useful bots with magnificent features to help you boost the followers of your page by many more automated targeted activities.

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