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What are Telegram restrictions?

Limitations that you may encounter while performing promotional and advertising activities in Telegram

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If you intend to advertise your business on Telegram while minimizing the risk of your Telegram account being restricted and blocked , we suggest that you consider the restrictions imposed by Telegram that are mentioned in this article while advertising on this platform. Because Telegram does not mention most of these restrictions anywhere (or you cannot find these rules anywhere simply). However, if you violate these principles, Telegram may block your account, group or business channel and cause irreparable damage to your business.
Follow us to be introduced to the various restrictions of Telegram ...

About the validity of the information presented in this article
For more than 5 years, we have been offering our Telegram advertising software package to numerous customers around the world, and from our customers feedback, we have gained valuable information about the limitations of Telegram that have formed the basis of this article. Certainly, this empirical information is more reliable than any theoretical information available on various websites (or even the information presented on the official Telegram website). However, at the time of writing this content, we have reviewed all the resources available on the Internet and the official Telegram website so that nothing is missed and we can provide comprehensive, accurate and reliable information.

Telegram Restrictions on Advertising Activities

Most of Telegram's restrictions occur when you want to do bulk advertising activities on this platform because Telegram is a free app and its only way to make money is to sell ads on its own app and if you advertise your own business for free in this application, Telegram will not earn anything anymore. As a result, Telegram imposes restrictions on you to keep you from free advertising on this platform, making you purchase Telegram ads . This revenue stream is so prevalent on most platforms that initially claim to be free (and ad-free) but we do not intend to examine whether their policies are right or wrong, instead we only want to introduce you to the restrictions that Telegram imposes on its activities.

Telegram is a free app and its only way to make money is to sell ads on its own app. As a result, Telegram imposes restrictions on you to keep you from free advertising on this platform, making you purchase Telegram ads.

Restrictions that you may encounter during promotional and advertising activities in Telegram are mainly divided into 3 categories:

  • Restrictions on sending direct messages
  • Restrictions related to activities in groups
  • Restrictions related to channel management

Telegram Restrictions on Sending Direct Messages

You are not free to Send bulk messages in telegram; This means that you cannot send as many messages as you want to people. In the following, we will explain these restrictions ...

First of all, you should know that Telegrams divides the people you send messages to into 2 categories:

  • Familiar people: People who have already chatted with you (or sent you at least one message) or saved your number in their contacts list.
  • Strangers (unknown, anonymous or new people): People who have not saved your mobile number and have not chatted with you so far.

Telegram applies different rules to send messages to each of these two categories:

  • No restrictions on sending messages to familiar people: If you want to send messages to familiar people, you will encounter no restrictions and you can send as many messages as you want to your audience.
  • Restriction on sending messages to strangers: Telegram does not allow you to send direct messages to more than 50 anonymous people per day with each account (SIM); When you reach this amount, you will receive a message similar to the one you see in the image.
Restriction on sending messages to strangers

This message tells you that you will no longer be able to send messages to more anonymous people and you can only send messages to familiar people. Of course, this restriction (being blocked) is temporary and usually after 4 to 5 days, this restriction will be lifted and you will be able to send messages to anonymous people again. But be aware that after the temporary block is removed, if this is repeated and you go beyond this limit other times, you may be subject to a longer limit this time and your SIM may eventually be permanently blocked.

Telegram Restrictions Related to Activity in Groups

  1. There are two ways to do advertising activities in groups:
    The first method of advertising through Telegram groups is to join other groups (usually related to your field of work) and send advertising messages there to introduce the members of those groups to your products and services. In this case, you do not face any restrictions from Telegram to send a message to the group, but you must follow the rules set by the group admin to send the message; Because if you violate these rules and exceed the limit set for that group, the group admin may will remove you from the group.
  2. The second method of advertising through Telegram groups is to create a group and encourage people to join your group by producing quality content about your products and services. Obviously, the more members join your group and the more people see your products and services, the better your chances of selling will be. So instead of waiting for the people to join your group themselves, you can add different people to your group; but you have to keep in mind that Telegram imposes restrictions on adding members to a group, so that with each Telegram account you can add only 50 people to a group per day; Once you reach this amount, you will no longer be able to add more people to that group on the same day with the same account (SIM). Note that this restriction is the same for all groups; the groups you have created and are the admin of, as well as the groups you are only a member of and not an admin.

When adding members to Telegram groups the country of the SIM which had created that group and the SIMs which are used to add members to that group must be the same. Let us clarify the issue with an example.
Suppose you have created a group with an American SIM; Therefore, Telegram considers your group an American group. As a result, to add people (from any country) to your group, you must use an American SIM; This means that you cannot add a person to the group, using a non-American SIM, whether this person is American or not!

Telegram Restrictions Related to Channel Management

You may want to use Telegram channels to advertise your business and introduce your product or services in those channels; Since in a Telegram channel, members cannot send any messages and only the channel admin can post on the channel, it is easier to carry out advertising activities in a telegram channel. But to send a message on the channel, you must consider two points:

There are no limitations on posting contents in a channel, but you are not free to add members to the channel; This means that in general, from the beginning of creating a channel, you can add 200 people to the channel in total, and after adding this number of members, you have no choice but to send the channel invitation link to people's chat directly, asking them to subscribe to your Telegram channel.
Also keep in mind that with each of your Telegram accounts, you can create up to 10 channels.

Very important note
Telegram permanently closes the groups and channels promoting violence, crime, fraud, sexual issues, etc. so you must be very careful not to make telegram suspicious of your field of activity. Telegram is so strict with these matters and blocks such groups and channels quickly.

A General & Critical Telegram Restriction

In addition to all the restrictions mentioned above, there is a general limitation you should keep in mind when sending messages in Telegram. This general restriction is that all Telegram users can report your account, your group or your channel whenever they want, and if the number of these reports increases, Telegram will block (restrict) your activities.

By following a series of tips, you can minimize the risk of your Telegram account being blocked due to getting reports. However, in this article, we do not intend to address these points, and we will introduce some methods to remove unban your Telegram account.

How to Recover a Blocked Telegram Account, Group or Channel

Now, if your Telegram account is blocked because of the violation of any of the mentioned rules, is there a way to restore it? Yes! You can send a message to the Telegram support team or send an email to and recover your blocked account back by clarifying your activities.

To get acquainted with the methods of removing Telegram reports, refer to the article we have published here.

Wrapping Up
In this article, we explored the types of restrictions that may occur on your use of Telegram and the reasons for these restrictions.

Finally, we referred to an article so that if these restrictions occur for your account, you can solve this problem and if your account is blocked, you can recover it.

If you are planning to advertise in Telegram to grow your business, you must observe all the restrictions mentioned in this article in order to minimize the risk of your Telegram account being restricted and blocked.

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