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Instagram Inbox Username Extractor

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The Instagram Inbox Username Extractor bot, existing in the Instagram Bulk DM Sender Bot package, which is a product of the vUser website, is a robotic software program that can automatically extract usernames from your Instagram inbox. In this post, we are going to discuss how the Instagram Inbox Username Extractor bot helps you in your business activities.

Usage of the “Instagram Inbox Username Extractor bot“?

Suppose you have a business page on Instagram to which many customers and people send direct messages and ask you about the price of your products and services, shipping costs, etc. Therefore, in the inbox of this page, there are people who are either your customers or are very likely to become one.

Having a list of the contacts who are in your inbox list can help you to increase your sales.

Since many of these people, who have DMed you, do not follow you, they do not see many of your posts and stories at all, but you can inform these people about your new products and services by sending them direct messages, which will attract their attention to your page and persuade them to follow you or buy from you.
In addition, sending DMs to the people who have already messaged you would be a safer choice than sending DMs to different people randomly; Because these people, due to the interest they have in your field, do not mind receiving ads from you and will not block or report you while random people (who are not initially familiar with your page) may find it annoying to receive DMs from you and may block and report your page.
To extract people's usernames from your inbox, you need to open your Instagram inbox, click on each of the contacts’ profile, and copy and save their usernames, but manually extracting usernames from an inbox, to which people are sending DMs constantly, is a very hard and time-consuming task.

That is why to do this, you need an automated tool, such as the Instagram Inbox Usernames Extractor Bot, that automatically provides you with a list of the usernames, extracted from your Instagram inbox.
In the following, we are going to explain how Instagram Inbox Username Extractor bot works.


of Instagram Inbox Username Extractor Bot

Important tips

Configuring and running the "Inbox Username Extractor Bot" is similar to what is described in the tutorial videos of this package; Meaning that, first you need to set the bot as you intend and then run the bot.

Tips on Using the Bot

  1. In the settings of this bot, there is a section called categories, if you have categorized your Instagram direct inbox into two sections, General and Primary, it can be useful for you (if you do not have a category for your direct inbox, you do not need to set this option at all; just leave it blank). In general, you can leave the word Primary or General or an empty value in the category section.
  2. Note that if you open the Excel file while the bot is running, it will encounter problems and stop working. Therefore, if you want to check the list of extracted usernames while the bot is running, it is better to temporarily stop the bot by pressing the F2 key on the keyboard or by pressing the Pause button in the Player program, and then check the output Excel file.

How the Bot Works

How to configure and work with this bot is provided in tutorial PDF and video files, which come with the bot. Therefore, we are not going to explain these issues here again.
To launch this bot, you just need to open the Instagram Bulk DM Sender UI program and choose the Instagram Inbox Username Extractor Bot, apply the required settings, and run the bot.

Afterwards, you do not need to do anything because the rest will be done automatically by the Instagram Inbox Username Extractor bot. After you execute the bot, it will open the inbox of your page and start extracting usernames from the top of the page; Meaning that, it saves the usernames of the people from your Instagram inbox from the first to last one separately in an Excel file called “Extracted Usernames”. Having said that, you can also specify the number of usernames you want the bot to extract.
The video below shows you how the Instagram Inbox Usernames Extractor bot works.

How to Get the “Instagram Inbox Username Extractor Bot”?

As we mentioned at the beginning of the article, the Instagram Inbox username Extractor bot is a part of the Instagram Bulk DM Sender Bot Package, which is a product of the vUser website, and to get the bot you need to purchase the whole package for 59 €.

The Instagram Inbox username Extractor bot is just a small part of the Instagram Bulk DM Sender Bot Package and it includes some other useful bots with magnificent features to help you boost your sales by many more automated targeted activities in Instagram.

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