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Tips for using vUser Software in a Virtual Machine

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Suppose your computer or laptop has a Mac OS and you need the Windows operating system to use certain software (such as virtual user robots), so what is the solution? Do you have to restrict the use of that software despite your needs? Or buy a new computer to use that software?

Or suppose you have Windows 10 on your computer but need Windows XP temporarily, do you need to install Windows XP, which is an older version of Windows, on your computer?

Or suppose you have Windows 10 on your computer but need Windows XP temporarily, do you need to install Windows XP, which is an older version of Windows, on your computer? Solve by installing a virtual machine on your system. If you do not know what a virtual machine is, how it works and what it does, join us in this article.

 What is a Virtual Machine?

If we turn part of our system resources into an independant computer through virtualization programs, we have created a virtual machine. It is worth mentioning that regardless of the operating system of our computer, in the virtual machine created, we can install any operating system we want, work on it with a separate mouse and keyboard. In other words, the virtual machine of a new computer (with your favorite operating system) is in your main computer, created by virtualization programs.

In the image below, you can see that several virtual machine programs (each with different operating systems) are running on a laptop!

virtual machine

Advantages of Using a Virtual Machine for Virtual User Bots

Using virtual machines has 2 very interesting advantages for vUser bots.

Adavntage 1
Use a virtual machine to run Windows operating system, which is suitable for vUser bots.
vUser software is designed for the Windows operating system. If your operating system is, for example, Linux or Mac, you can not use this software (and bots built with it). But by installing a virtual machine, no matter what operating system you have, you can easily use vUser software on your system.

Note: Creating a virtual machine can be done on any operating system. For example, the Virtual Box program can be installed on Linux or Mac and create a Windows virtual machine for you.

Advantage 2
Run vUser Instagram and Telegram bots without the system's main mouse and keyboard getting involved.
Instagram Bot vUser Telegram DM Bot And Telegram Advertising Bot simulate human behavior. To simulate these behaviors, these bots take full control of the system mouse and keyboard. As a result, you may not be able to use your system while operating them.Virtual machines solve this problem easily. By installing virtual user bots in a virtual machine, the bot execution environment will be completely separated from the main system environment. As a result, you can do your job on the system without getting the bot into trouble.

Tip 1
Note that if you have already activated vUser software serial on your main system, you will not be able to use it in a virtual machine, and to activate vUser software on a virtual machine, you will need to provide a new serial number.


Tip 2
If you install virtual user software on a virtual machine, make sure to back it up, and if you lose the virtual machine, you will lose your serial number. Backing up virtual machines is very easy and is usually done with the press of a button. To learn how to backup, just google for "VMware Backup Method" or "VirtualBox Backup".

A Natural Drawback of Using Virtual Machines (using system resources)

You should note that any virtual machine you create in your system will occupy some parts of your system resources (including RAM, CPU, HARD, etc.) and if your hardware is not powerful enough, the programs will run slowly on both platforms. (the main system and the virtual machine)

How to create a Virtual Machine

Creating a virtual machine has 2 steps.

  1. Installing Virtualization Programs: In the first step, you must install a virtualization program on your system.
    There are many programs for creating virtual machines. Two of the most popular examples are VMware and VirtualBox. These programs are very easy to install. Use Google search to download and install them.
  2. Creating a virtual machine: In the second step, you must create a virtual machine using the installed virtual machine program. This is also very easy to do and depending on the type of virtualization program and the of operating system, there are many video and step by step tutorials available on the Internet. A simple Google search (for example: "Install Windows 10 on VMware") will show you the answer.


In Summary

In this article, we first mentioned that if you want to use vUser software but your system is not Windows, it is enough to use a Windows virtual machine on your own system. In the following, we discussed the benefits of using a virtual machine regarding the use of vUser software and reviewed the important points related to using virtual user software on a virtual machine. Finally, we taught you how to install and use a virtual machine on your system.

It should be noted that a virtual machine is no different from your main operating system in terms of how to install the operating system, how to install some software on it and use the operating system or software, and after having a virtual machine, you can still easily use your main system and work with a virtual machine as well.

 پرسش و پاسخ درباره On the Use of vUser Software in a Virtual Machine

Frequently Asked Questions On the Use of vUser Software in a Virtual Machine

What is the difference between a virtual machine and a virtual server?

The virtual server and the virtual machine are both created by a virtualization program on a (physical) system. A virtual machine is usually located on your personal system and you can always access it without any special means. But a virtual server is on someone else's system and you rent it for a certain period of time and you connect to it through an intermediary program. A virtual machine uses your own resources (electricity, internet and system) but a virtual server does not interfere with your system and resources.

What system is required to create a virtual machine?

Your system should have at least 6 GB of RAM and a relatively powerful CPU.

Which one do you recommend for using virtual user software? Virtual server or virtual machine?

For our software, a virtual server or virtual machine is no different and can be run on any Windows system. If you have a powerful system and want to use a virtual machine, note that you pay for the resources needed to run the bot (electricity and internet and system). But if you use a virtual server, your system will not be involved and your resources will not be used, but you will have to pay the monthly costs of renting the server.

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