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How to Increase Telegram Post Views

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One of the important factors that increases the credibility and efficiency of a Telegram channel or group is the amount of traffic it receives because users who want to join a channel for the first time pay special attention to the number of post views. The lower the number of views of a post compared to the number of members, the more likely it is that the members of this channel are fake, and users may refrain from joining.

For this reason, channel and group owners are looking for ways to increase Telegram post views. With this in mind, we decided to introduce some practical and effective methods in this article that can help you boost the views of your Telegram posts. If you are also the owner of a Telegram channel or its administrator, we recommend that you read this article to the end.

Increase Telegram Post Views by Creating Engaging Content

Years ago, content creation on social media was a very simple task. Many people who had channels could maintain or increase the number of members of their group or channel by publishing copied content. But now, the competition in content creation on social media, especially Telegram, is so high that you will never be successful if you are not professional in this field. If you are looking for free methods to increase Telegram post views, you need to be familiar with the principles of content marketing on Telegram. In the following, we will mention some things that can help you in this regard.

Ways to Boost Telegram Post Views

Here are some tips on how to increase the views of your Telegram posts:

  • Choose catchy and attention-grabbing titles for your posts

    The title of a post is its window. You need to be able to catch users' attention in the first moment. This requires some practice, but remember that creating engaging content takes time and effort, and you need to improve some of your skills, such as writing.

  • Try to create short content

    If you share long-form content in your channel, you must use tricks to encourage the audience to listen or read it.

  • Use surveys to get user feedback and suggestions

    Remember that keeping your current members happy is more important than attracting new ones. So, look for the interests and needs of your current users.

  • Check out your competitors' channels

    If you don't have any ideas for content creation, go to your competitors. Of course, we don't mean copying content from other channels or groups; you need to use your creativity. This will help you find topics that get more views.

  • Don't forget to tell stories

    People always love to hear stories. You can tell stories about yourself, your work, or even others. The better your storytelling skills, the more users you can be interested in your posts.

Increase Telegram Post Views with Advertising in Other Channels

Advertising Telegram posts in high-traffic channels is a common way to increase views. To do this, you need to find a list of channels that accept advertising and review their advertising rates. In the end, you can choose the best option. Here are some things that can help you select advertising channels in Telegram:

  • Share your ads in relevant channels to your field of activity

    The closer your field of activity is to the channel you want to advertise in, the more likely you are to get new members and increase post views. For example, if your field of activity is artificial intelligence, advertising in a sewing tutorial channel may be ineffective. This is because the likelihood that the members of that channel are interested in artificial intelligence is much lower than that of the channel that operates in the technology field.

  • Pay attention to the rules of advertising channels

    Some channels impose time limits on post-sharing. For example, they may only publish your post for one day in their channel space and then delete the post.

  • If you want to advertise in multiple channels, it is better to go for view-based advertising in Telegram

    In this method, you can check the total views of each post. Therefore, you can check the efficiency of different channels and, if necessary, go for the channel with more views for re-advertising.

  • Use channel exchange for advertising

    In this method, you can coordinate with the manager of another channel to share each other's banners or advertising posts at a specific time. In this way, not only may new members join your channel, but your post views will also increase significantly.

How to Increase Telegram Post Views with Mass Messaging

Another effective way to increase Telegram post views is by sending mass messages. One of the most important advantages of this method is direct communication with users. Especially if your channel is a store or service channel, you can easily find new customers and increase the views of Telegram posts. However, it is important to note that the Telegram platform restricts sending messages to strangers, and you cannot send a private message to more than 50 strangers per day with each line. For this reason, you need to go to a Telegram mass messaging bot. After purchasing and activating these bots, specify the text of your message and provide the list of your contacts to the bot so that your advertising message is sent to others.


In this article, we have taught you methods to use to increase your Telegram posts' views. Although there are other methods, such as buying fake views, we do not recommend them. Because it can damage the credibility of your channel or group, if you also have experience in this field or think that other methods can be used to increase the views of Telegram posts, please share your comments with us.

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