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The WhatsApp Restrictions You Should Know

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If you are planning to advertise on WhatsApp, you should know this is not easily possible, and you will face some limitations in performing advertising activities, and if you are not aware of those limitations, your WhatsApp account may be at the risk of getting blocked! Not only many people, due to their ignorance of WhatsApp limitations, lose their account, which is their most important way to communicate with their customers, but also their efforts to grow their businesses become useless. Therefore, we recommend that you observe the restrictions mentioned in this article to reduce the risk of your WhatsApp account getting blocking.

About the validity of the information presented in this article
We have been offering our WhatsApp advertising software package to many customers from all around the world for more than 5 years, and from our customers’ feedback, we have gained valuable information about WhatsApp restrictions and this information have formed the basis of this article. This article can be a complete reference of the limitations that you may encounter in the way of WhatsApp advertising activities, because we have obtained this information through extensive research from various resources and we have thoroughly tested and examined the common modes of all of them, thus this information can be very reliable and can be cited to a high extent.

In the following, we will give a complete description about the restrictions of WhatsApp in advertising activities! follow us in this article ...

WhatsApp restrictions on promotional activities

WhatsApp has implemented restrictions to control extensive and promotional activities. The owners of WhatsApp claim that these restrictions are imposed to prevent the spread of rumors and fake news, but on the other hand, their main goal is to maintain a monopoly on making money through the sale of advertisements. By applying a series of restrictive rules, WhatsApp tries to prevent mass activities through this platform and keep the advertising on WhatsApp brief so that only WhatsApp itself can earn money in this way. Although WhatsApp has yet to activate its ad sales system, it is likely to do so in the future, as this trend has also been happening publicly on other platforms.

Currently, due to WhatsApp's basic rules and regulations, advertising on this platform is considered illegal, and relevant warnings about violating these rules lead to blocking accounts.

In this article, we aim not to investigate the truth or falsity of WhatsApp's policies. Still, our focus is to introduce the limitations you may face in advertising activities on WhatsApp. To fully understand these limitations, join us...

WhatsApp has set 2 significant restrictions for sending advertising messages on this platform:

  1. Limitations related to sending private messages.
  2. Limitations related to activities in groups.

Restrictions on Sending Direct Messages on WhatsApp

The most effective and common method for advertising on WhatsApp is to send direct messages to people, but you should know that you are not free to send direct messages to people on WhatsApp; This means that you cannot send as many messages as you want to people. This may not seem to be a big deal on a small scale, but if you want to promote your products and services on WhatsApp, this will be a strong barrier to your advertising activities; Meaning that, not only you are restricted from sending bulk messages, but also it may cause your WhatsApp account to get blocked and lost.

First of all, we should mention that WhatsApp divides people into two categories for sending direct messages:

  • Mutual contacts: People who have already chatted with you (or sent you at least one message) or saved your number in their contacts list.
  • Non-mutual contacts (unknown or new people): People who do not have your number saved and you have not chatted with them so far.

WhatsApp applies different rules for sending messages to each of these two categories:

  1. No restriction for sending messages to mutual contacts: If you want to send messages to mutual contacts, there will be no restrictions on you and you can send as many messages as you want to your audience.
  2. Restrictions on sending messages to non-mutual contacts: In general, each WhatsApp line (each WhatsApp account) can send a limited number of messages to anonymous people per day; Meaning that the allowed number of messages that can be sent, varies according to the history of that line (age, engagement and interaction of each line in WhatsApp) for different WhatsApp accounts. For example, for users who have just created a WhatsApp account and have not had much interaction and activity in this environment, more restrictions would be applied and they are only allowed to send messages to a maximum of 100 anonymous people per day.

Signs of Getting Restricted or Blocked in WhatsApp

Usually There is no specific sign to warn you that you have exceeded WhatsApp restrictions or to indicate that your account is about to get temporarily or permanently blocked; but from the feedback we have received from our customers, they have shown signs that indicate a delay in sending messages and messages would not be sent to some contacts. These signs warn you to reconsider the number of messages you send or to consider other contacts for sending your messages.

When you are included into this restriction, you will usually receive the following message and you will not be able to log in to your account.

Signs of Getting Restricted or Blocked in WhatsApp

Sometimes this restriction may be temporary, and if you delete your WhatsApp account (both WhatsApp application and WhatsApp web version) and reinstall WhatsApp, your problem may be resolved, but if that does not work, you will need to contact WhatsApp support via email, which we have mentioned at the end of this article.

Restrictions on Advertising Activities in Groups on WhatsApp

There are two ways for performing promotional activities in groups:

  1. The first method for advertising in WhatsApp groups is to join other groups related to your field of business and try to introduce your business, products and services to the members of those groups by sending messages in these groups. In this case, WhatsApp do not restrict you for sending messages in the group, but you must follow the rules set by the group manager; Because if you ignore the rules of the group and exceed the allowed limit, you may be removed from the group by the admin and you will lose the chance to advertise in these groups and attract customers from the members of these groups forever.
  2. The second method for advertising through WhatsApp groups, is to create a group on WhatsApp by yourself and promote your business by introducing your products and services in that group, and encourage people to join your group by providing attractive and diverse content in your field of activity. But the important issue in this method is the limit on the number of members that can be added to a group; Meaning that you can add a total of 256 people to a group (either by yourself or your friends in the group); Once you reach this amount, you can no longer add more people to that group, and other members must join your group via the Invite link. But, in the new updates of WhatsApp, there are no limits to the number of members who join your group with a link.

To increase the number of visits, many websites recommend users who want to promote their business on WhatsApp and are looking for a way to increase the number of members of their group beyond the set limit, root their mobile phones. But we do not recommend it because based on the reviews and tests we have done, not only this method does not work in the new updates of WhatsApp, but it will also be very dangerous for your mobile phone.

Three General & Critical Restrictions on WhatsApp

In addition to the restrictions mentioned above, there are some general restrictions that are among the basic rules of WhatsApp and you must consider them for sending your messages in WhatsApp.

These general limitations are broadly divided into the three following categories:

  1. Getting reported as disturbance
  2. Getting temporary blocked due to using unofficial versions of WhatsApp
  3. Getting blocked if you send messages with inappropriate content

We will take a closer look to these limitations in the following:

General & Critical WhatsApp Restriction, Type 1

Getting Reported as Disturbance
The limitation of getting reported means that all WhatsApp users, at any time, can report your account, your group or your channel as disturbance and if the number of these reports increases, WhatsApp restricts (blocks) your activities. Therefore, you should be careful not to disturb anyone by sending too many advertising messages or sending advertising messages to irrelevant people who have nothing to do with your field of business (such as sending ads of cosmetic products to men) to avoid the risk of getting reported.

General & Critical WhatsApp Restriction, Type 2

Getting Temporary Blocked due to Using Unofficial Versions of WhatsApp
We have received reports from some of our website users that despite observing all the above points and restrictions, their WhatsApp accounts have been blocked and they have received a message as below.

Getting Temporary Blocked due to Using Unofficial Versions of WhatsApp

WhatsApp may block your account if it detects that you are using an unofficial version of WhatsApp (apps such as WhatsApp Plus and GB WhatsApp, or apps that claim to transfer your WhatsApp conversations between phones). In this case, WhatsApp usually blocks you temporarily first, and a timer will appear on your WhatsApp screen that shows when your account will be unblocked, and if you use the same apps again, WhatsApp may permanently block your account.

General & Critical WhatsApp Restriction, Type 3

Getting Blocked in Case of Sending Messages with Inappropriate Content
One of the most important basic rules of WhatsApp is the prohibition of sending messages on topics such as the promotion of violence, sexual issues, animal abuse and similar subjects. WhatsApp will quickly block your account in case of facing these contents, so you need to be very careful not to make WhatsApp suspicious that you are working in these areas.

Methods of Unblocking WhatsApp Account

You can minimize the risk of your WhatsApp account being blocked, by considering the rules and tips mentioned above, but if for any reason your account is restricted or blocked due to exceeding one of the above restrictions (or as we mentioned earlier, sometimes your account will be blocked by mistake) It does not mean that you cannot reach your account again, you can get your WhatsApp account back by sending a message to WhatsApp support to clarify your activities. However, in this article, we do not want to describe WhatsApp unblocking methods and we had only a brief look at this issue, but you can refer to the article that we have published in this regard for more information on this issue.

Wrapping Up
In this article, we have explained the different types of restrictions that you may face in WhatsApp advertising activities and the reasons for these restrictions, as well as the basic rules of WhatsApp that will block your WhatsApp account. Finally, we referred you to an article so that, if these restrictions occur to your account, you can solve this problem and if your account gets blocked, you can recover it. If you are planning to advertise on WhatsApp for the growth of your business, we recommend that you follow all the restrictions mentioned in this article to minimize the risk of your WhatsApp account from getting banned and blocked, so that you can advertise in WhatsApp with ease.

 پرسش و پاسخ درباره Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a way to send bulk messages automatically?

Bots are designed to automatically send the appropriate number of messages. Feel free to utilize them.

If we are temporarily blocked? How can we unblock it?

If your activities on WhatsApp are temporarily blocked, you have the option to change the text of your ads. However, being blocked for the second time poses the risk of losing your account.

Do other versions of WhatsApp share the limitations of the original version?

Fake versions of WhatsApp are not approved in terms of security and proper usage. If Meta Company becomes aware of this issue, your entire account may be blocked. Instead, consider using the cloning method to have an additional WhatsApp account.

Does changing the WhatsApp account from normal to business affect the removal of restrictions?

A business account on WhatsApp has similar restrictions to a regular account, and based on the account's activity level, specific and varying restrictions may be applied.

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