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Version 10.9 of the Telegram Bulk Sender Bot Package has been released

02 June 2023

A new version (version 10.9) for Telegram Bulk Sender Bot Package has been released, which includes the following changes.

Improvement and Bug fixes

  • Updating the Group Forwarder Bot and its coordination with the Telegram new changes
  • Fixed the problem of skipping the first contact (account owner username) in Contacts Remover Bot
  • Telegram Numbers Filter Bot improved General change of the bot algorithm to filter Telegram numbers from non-Telegram numbers Check contact name as user input to prevent possible errors
  • Updating Telegram Portable to the latest version 4.8.3
  • Updating the Player programs to version

New Features

  • Upgrading the user interface to version 3 with features Increasing the speed of receiving updates by separating customers who bought directly from the v-User website Reporting that the bot is not updated in the user interface using the label “outdated” Adding Important News notification Ability to purchase directly from the user interface

If you have purchased Telegram Bulk Sender Bot Package , you will have access to this update and all other updates through the user panel (Download Purchased Products section) or through the Bot's UI Program (that exists inside the package).

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