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Version 7.7 of the Telegram Bulk Sender Bot Package has been released

22 April 2020

A new version (version 7.7) for Telegram Bulk Sender Bot Package has been released, which includes the following changes.

Improvement and Bug fixes

  • Many minor improvements in the way of operation, such as making the click position more accurate, removing extra pauses, waiting for the loading of important elements in the operation of the robot, etc., have been applied in different robots.
  • By the way The PDF file " Tips and Tricks to Avoid Getting Blocked & Reported " has been updated and new and interesting tricks have been included in it, which we recommend that you review it again.

New Features

  • The message sender bots have been completed and the possibility of submitting a report of successful or unsuccessful sending has been added to them (it is recommended to use the new settings Excel files in the relevant folders).
  • "Adding to group-channel" bot has been completely renovated and the ability to add to a group has been added to it, which has greatly increased the speed of work.

If you have purchased Telegram Bulk Sender Bot Package , you will have access to this update and all other updates through the user panel (Download Purchased Products section) or through the Bot's UI Program (that exists inside the package).

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