About the Instagram Action Blocks

How to fix the Action Block

If due to any reason, you have been blocked by Instagram, the most natural solution is this: change your password, log out of the account, clear the Cache (of the web version) or reinstall (of the app version), and finally, clear your activity history. Now, if you use the new password to login to your account, you’ll see that your actions are no longer blocked. Sometimes you will also need to turn the router off and turn it on again to get a new IP.

Note: if the message that shows your actions are blocked has a specific date (which usually is in the form of days), you need to wait, and when the date arrives, try to remove the block with the specified method.

How to prevent the Action Block

Important Note 1: When you are using Instagram, either the mobile version or the app version, never use a Proxy Server.

Important Note 2: Act like a human and don’t repeat the same action all the time! No one just goes to a single account and follow its followers, or just searches a specific hashtag and likes its posts. If a hashtag is that important, they will follow the hashtag to have it on their feed. You need to know that Instagram is looking at behavior patterns, and by recording and comparing your actions, it can recognize repetitive behavior, and if they exceed certain criteria, they will penalize the account by blocking its actions.

Other rules

  • Do not share a lot of posts in a short period.
  • Do not like more than 350 posts in each hour
  • If your account was built less than six months ago, do not follow more than 20 accounts per hour; If your page is old, you can follow 50 accounts per hour.

The next thing we need to consider is commenting, which is more important. Inappropriate use of comments will make Instagram to look at you as a Spammer. The people can also report your comments as spams. Therefore,

  1. First, try to do it less often and try to concentrate more on liking and following. Try to keep at a maximum of 30 per hour.
  2. Second, consider using different types of messages (at least five types). Similar messages and texts raise a spam alert for Instagram.
  3. Third, work on the messages. If the messages are properly made not to offend or annoy anyone, the chance of reporting them will decrease. Remember, reporting is worse than action blocks and can lead to the deletion of your account by Instagram.

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