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The Best Methods of Advertising & Marketing in WhatsApp for 2022

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If you want to advertise your business through WhatsApp and introduce your services or products to more people, but you are not sure to how to take measures from among the various advertising and marketing methods in WhatsApp, join us in this article. Here, we will introduce the various advertising and marketing methods in WhatsApp and explain all the required details; Therefore, by reading this article, you will finally be able to choose the right advertising method in WhatsApp, so that you can experience the highest amount of sales and return on investment (ROI) with the least cost.

Types of Advertising & Marketing Methods in WhatsApp

You may think that there are many ways to advertise and market on WhatsApp, but the fact is that you have few ways to advertise on WhatsApp, and in general, there are two ways to advertise through WhatsApp:

  • Advertising & Marketing on WhatsApp by Sending Bulk Direct Messages
  • Advertising & Marketing in WhatsApp Groups

In the following, we will introduce each of these methods. Stay with us...

Advertising & Marketing on WhatsApp by Sending Bulk Direct Messages

The First Method: Advertising & Marketing on WhatsApp by Sending Bulk Direct Messages

As you may have guessed, sending direct messages to people is the best way to advertise on WhatsApp, because this way, you send your advertising message directly to people, and as you have experienced, receiving direct messages always arouses curiosity and urges the recipient to open and read the received message. So in this advertising method, you are sure that your advertising message is 100% read. Therefore, if you succeed in advertising by sending a large number of direct messages on WhatsApp, you will experience a highly effective and productive advertising campaign.

Is it possible to advertise by sending a large number of private messages on WhatsApp?

The problem is that advertising by sending direct messages to unknown people is not so straightforwardly possible and you can not easily advertise on WhatsApp with your one WhatsApp account.

Generally, WhatsApp divides people into 2 categories:

1. An anonymous person (new or stranger) in WhatsApp refers to someone who has not saved your WhatsApp number on their phone or has not had a chat with you on WhatsApp before.

2. An acquaintance in WhatsApp refers to someone who has saved your WhatsApp number on their phone or has already chatted with you on WhatsApp.

As mentioned, you can not use a WhatsApp account to send an advertising message to a large number of WhatsApp numbers of unknown people because WhatsApp tries to make a series of restrictive rules to block the mass activities through this platform, making it impossible to advertise in WhatsApp so that it can make money by selling ads. However, WhatsApp has not activated the ad sales system on yet, but we are sure that this will happen some day soon in the future, because all major platforms eventually turn to selling ads to their users to make a fortune.

However, in this article, we do not intend to review WhatsApp policies in this area, and we only intend to make you familiar with the obstacles existing in the way of advertising in WhatsApp and provide solutions to you to help you succeed in sending mass ads to WhatsApp users despite the limitations.

The most important limitations that make it difficult for WhatsApp ads to be sent in bulk are:

  • Inability to send group messages to the anonymous on WhatsApp
  • Daily limit on the number of direct messages sent to the anonymous on WhatsApp

In the following, we will describe each of these limitations and provide solutions to overcome them.

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The First Limitation: Inability to Send Group Messages to the Anonymous in WhatsApp

Normally, if we want to send a message to a new person on WhatsApp, we must first save his number on our phone and then find him among our WhatsApp contacts, enter his chat page and enter the desired message on this page, and then So that we can finally send a message to this new person.

Now if we have a large list of different people and we want to send our advertising message to each of them, we have no choice but to repeat this process for each of these numbers; That is, first save the number of all your target audiences on the phone, then enter the chat page of each of them and send your message separately to each of them because there is no possibility to send a group message to a multitude of anonymous numbers simultaneously in WhatsApp.

You can not use WhatsApp Broadcast to advertise on WhatsApp by sending bulk direct messages to anonymous people because WhatsApp Broadcast enables you to send direct messages at once to only 256 of your contacts (and not to not new and anonymous people).

Obviously, repeating this process in bulk for the number of each of your target audience is very tedious, difficult and time consuming, and if the advertising message also includes a photo or video, the process becomes even more difficult.

Daily Limit on the Number of Direct Messages Sent to the Anonymous on WhatsApp

There are no restrictions on sending messages to familiar people on WhatsApp; This means that we can send messages to as many people as we want daily, and WhatsApp does not set any limit for the number of messages we can send to the familiar people. But it is clear that the purpose of advertising is to introduce new people to our products and services; However, we are not free to send direct messages to anonymous people on WhatsApp, meaning that each WhatsApp account is allowed to send only a certain number of messages to anonymous people per day, and if a WhatsApp account exceeds this limit, it will be blocked by WhatsApp.

WhatsApp does not directly mention the allowed number (to send direct messages to anonymous people), but our experience shows that this number varies depending on the account history (the reation date of the account, activity and interaction rate of that account, etc.). The newer the account and the lower its interaction is in WhatsApp, the more restrictions will be included and in this case, it is usually allowed to send fewer messages to anonymous people per day (for example, less than 100).

Obviously, this number of daily messages is so small that it can not have a significant impact on the increase in our customers and sales. Despite the existence of such restrictions from WhatsApp, the only possible way is to use multiple accounts to send an advertising message. For example, provide 10 SIMs (physical or virtual) to create WhatsApp accounts with so that we can send up to 1000 direct messages per day to people. But the problem is that managing a large number of WhatsApp accounts and sending messages to many people using these accounts, like the previous scenario, is a very difficult task.

How to Advertise via Bulk Direct Messaging Despite the Existence of WhatsApp Restrictions

The inability to send group messages to unknown people on whatsApp and the daily limit on the allowed number of messages sent to anonymous people in WhatsApp makes it impossible for us to advertise easily, quickly, manually and with the one WhatsApp account that we have. Therefore, the only solution is to use the software to go through the whole process of sending bulk messages automatically; This means that it can automatically save the anonymous person's number in WhatsApp, enter the chat page of each saved number and send the message. Also, since each WhatsApp account has a limit for the number of daily messages sent to anonymous people, this software should be able to work with multiple WhatsApp accounts and automatically switch between the accounts after sending a certain number of messages with each account to keep sending messages with other accounts to cross the WhatsApp limit and increase the number of messages you send to new people in one day.

Such software is commonly known as "WhatsApp bulk messaging software". In this article, we want to introduce you to one of the best examples of this software.

WhatsApp Bulk Message Sender

Introducing an Automated Software Program for Sending Messages in WhatsApp

One of the best software programs available for advertising on WhatsApp is the "Virtual User WhatsApp Bulk Message Sender " which has several features, including the ones that we have listed for a suitable WhatsApp advertising tool; That is, it can automatically save numbers in WhatsApp, send messages to numbers, send a certain number of messages with each WhatsApp account, connect to several WhatsApp accounts and automatically switch between these accounts.. This bot is installed on your Windows system and is also very easy to work with. All you need to do is to:

  1. Prepare a number of SIMs (virtual or physicall), create their WhatsApp accounts and introduce them to the bot
  2. Provide the advertising message and the list of mobile numbers of your target audience to the software in an Excel file

Then you run the bot and you will no longer have to do anything because the bot will do the rest automatically; That means it automatically opens the Chrome browser and logs into your WhatsApp account. After the bot logs into your account, it starts from the first number in the Excel list and enters the chat page of this number and sends the message you want on this page, and then goes to the second mobile number in the Excel list. After sending a certain number of messages (the same number that you ordered to the bot), it closes the first account and goes to the next one, and continues the process of sending messages to the numbers with the next account. This process will continue until the end of the list of numbers and with all the accounts that you have provided to the bot.

In this way, with this bot, you will not only easily cross the WhatsApp limits, but you will quickly send a large number of advertising messages to people on WhatsApp, without spending much time and energy.

Using this software package has another important advantage, and that is the ability to extract the mobile number of members from groups in WhatsApp. With this bot feature, you can easily extract your target audiences from different groups in WhatsApp and continuously create a mobile number database for your advertising work.

As this is a general article on WhatsApp advertising and marketing methods, we will not go into more detail about this bot. You can visit the page of this product on the virtual user site for more information about the various features and details of this software package, and if you wish to use this robot, you can prepare it through this site.

The Second Method: Advertising & Marketing in WhatsApp Groups

Another effective method of advertising on WhatsApp is sending advertising messages to WhatsApp groups.

A WhatsApp group is a place where people interested in a particular field usually gather, express their ideas, and send messages there; So, if you find a group or groups that are related to your field of business and send your advertising messages in those groups, you can expose your products or services to a large number of people who are all interested in this field or need your products and services, or they are somehow related to this field. Therefore, by sending advertising messages to these WhatsApp groups, you will expose yourself to your target audience and increase your sales.

Having said that, group advertising will not lead to your desired result if it is not done properly, because there are usually many people in the groups who often do not face any restrictions for sending messages in groups, so usually many messages would be sent in the group simultaneously, and your promotional messages are likely to get lost among the messages that are sent to the group by other members and not all members of the group would see it and your ads would not get that much attention.

But what is the correct method of advertising in WhatsApp groups and how can you have an effective advertisement in WhatsApp groups?

The Method We Recommend for Advertising in WhatsApp Groups

For advertising in WhatsApp groups, we recommend that you use automated tools; because effective advertising in WhatsApp groups requires scheduling for sending posts, continuity in sending advertisements, and sending multiple messages in different groups, and this can be a very time-consuming and tedious task.

In fact, if you want to increase the chances of your advertisement being seen, you should send your advertising messages to your target groups every few hours so that you can attract the attention of more people to your ads.

However, sending these messages regularly and multiple times a day is a very time-consuming and tedious task, especially if you want to send your promotional messages to several WhatsApp groups. It will be almost impossible to repeat this process manually. Therefore, our recommended method for advertising in WhatsApp groups is to use an automated tool that can do the task automatically for you; Meaning that, it enters your target groups and sends your advertising messages automatically.
In the following, we will fully introduce an appropriate tool for doing this.

Introducing A Tool for Sending Advertising Messages in WhatsApp Groups

The Send Bulk Messages to WhatsApp Groups bot, which is one of the bots that exist in the v-User WhatsApp Bulk Message Sender Bot package, is a windows-based software program that has all the features of an appropriate tool for advertising in WhatsApp groups that we have mentioned above.

The bot can automatically send your messages to your intended WhatsApp groups. All you have to do for launching this bot is to enter the text of the message and the link of your intended groups in the Excel file of the bot settings and then run the bot. Just this!

After running the bot, it launches the WhatsApp program and enters your WhatsApp account, then searches for the group link you specified in the Excel file and finds the group, enters it and sends your intended message to that group, and then goes to the second group that you enter in the Excel list and continues this process for all the groups that you have specified in the Excel file.

You can repeat the process of sending messages to groups by specifying delay pauses and inserting the link of the same groups in rows of the Excel files multiple times.

In fact, using this bot, you can send advertising messages to all the groups you are interested in without spending much energy and time, and you are almost sure that your messages will attract the attention of the group members, be read and not ignored.

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