WhatsApp Message Forwarder to Unsaved Contacts bot

WhatsApp Message Forwarder to Unsaved Contacts bot

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The "Forward Message to Numbers on WhatsApp" bot is one of the bots of the vUser "WhatsApp Bulk Messaging Bot Package ", and as its name suggests, it is a robotic tool that can forward your messages (which can also contain photos or videos) automatically to the private chate of a large group of people on WhatsApp . You can use this bot to send the same message to a bunch of people that are not among your WhatsApp contacts.

In the following, we will review what the use of the Forward Message to Numbers on WhatsApp bot is and how it works. Stay with us...

To advertise, why is forwarding an advertising message better than sending it directly in WhatsApp?

In general, in order to be able to send a message to a stranger on WhatsApp, you must first add their number to your contact list on WhatsApp, then enter their personal chat page and send them your message.

If you want to send messages to a large list of different people's numbers on WhatsApp, there is no way but to go through this process for each of these people separately; That means you have to enter the chat page of each of these people and copy and paste the text of the message. Now, if your message contains photos or videos, you must upload those photos and videos for each of your contacts. Obviously, sending mass messages via direct messaging is very time-consuming and difficult; So what is the solution?

The best and most natural thing to do is to send bulk messages using the message forwarding option in WhatsApp; In this way, you send your message once to one of your target contacts and then forward it to your other contacts you want. This will increase the speed of sending the messages and reduce the sensitivity of WhatsApp to your advertising message.

To send a message to a number of contacts, a normal user does not copy and paste the same message for each contact; Rather, they send that message once to one of the contacts and then forward it to the others. Under such circumstances, forwarding is a more humane and natural action and therefore does not raise WhatsApp's sensitivity to the sent message.

Why We Need an Automated Tool to Forward Messages

But it is not possible to advertise on WhatsApp by sending messages easily and manually, because as you know, WhatsApp allows you to send only a certain number of messages to strangers per day with your WhatsApp account; But in order for advertising to be effective and to increase your sales and income, it must be done on a large scale. So, how can we advertise your business in bulk despite the WhatsApp limitations for forwarding messages?

You can use several accounts to send messages on WhatsApp. In this way, you send a certain number of messages to the target audience using the first account, after you finish sending the message with one account, go to the next account and repeat the whole process. The only problem is that managing multiple accounts and forwarding messages to a large number of contacts is very difficult and tiring; Therefore, to advertise on WhatsApp by forwarding messages to unknown people, you need a software program that can go through this entire process automatically ; That means, first of all, it can save the numbers automatically in your WhatsApp contact list, and it can also send a certain number of your messages to your contacts with each account. Also, this software program should be able to work with several WhatsApp accounts, so that if the daily messaging limit is reached, it will be closed and the work of forwarding the message will continue automatically with the second account that you have introduced to the software .

The Forward Message to Numbers on WhatsApp bot will do this for you with an interesting trick; you create an empty group and send your messages (with photos or videos) in that group, and by using the Forward Message to Numbers on WhatsApp bot that we introduced to you at the beginning, you can easily send advertising messages to different people. In the following, we will explain how this bot works.

How the Forward Message to Numbers on WhatsApp Bot Works

In this section, we are not going to teach you how to use the bot, but we just want to show you how it works when you run the "Forward Message to Numbers on WhatsApp" bot.

Of course, the method of setting up the bot is very easy and does not require much explanation. The instruction on how to install and use the software is also included in the package in a video file that you can refer to. To use this bot, just enter the "Forward Message to Numbers on WhatsApp" bot folder in WhatsApp Bulk Messaging bot package that you buy from our website; insert the settings in the Excel file and run the bot.

The bot will automatically open the browser you specified in the bot settings (Chrome or Firefox) and enter your WhatsApp account. After logging in to your WhatsApp account, the bot will first search for the group in which you have placed your message in your contact list (you have already entered the information of this group in the Excel file) and select the desired message. Then the bot will add each and every mobile number you have entered in the Excel list to your contacts and automatically forward your message to them. After the process of sending your message is finished, it will provide you with a report of success or failure of the process.

How can I get the "Forward Message to Numbers on WhatsApp" bot?

As we mentioned at the beginning of the article, the Forward Message to Numbers on WhatsApp Bot is a part of the WhatsApp Bulk Messaging bot package, and to prepare it, you need to purchase the vUser WhatsApp Bulk Messaging Bot Package . By ordering this package, you can benefit from other bots available in it.

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