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Everything You Should Know About Instagram Shadowban + How to Fix It

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Shadowban is one of the limitations of Instagram that can occur for various reasons (which we will discuss below). Shadowban (a ban in shadows) causes the content of your page not to be seen in hashtags and Instagram Explore. If you are shadowbanned, only your followers will have access to your content in their feed, and users who do not follow you but follow your posts through hashtags will no longer have access to your posts; So if shadowbanned, you are active in Instagram, but your activity is in the shadows, and therefore the engagement and visits of your Instagram page will drop considerably. Shadowban is like having your own public page private, you only work for your followers, and your activity is hidden from the public eye.

It is interesting to know that this algorithm was first detected by a photographer. As you know, if you use hashtags under your posts, you should see your post when you search for that hashtag. The photographer found out that searching for hashtags did not show his posts, and this greatly reduced his page traffic, and this is how he became acquainted with the Shadowban algorithm of Instagram.

But what causes shadowban? Is there a way to fix it? Stay tuned for more.

The Reason for Being Shadowbanned on Instagram

Some of the things that make your account shadowbanned are:

1. Number of Mentions in the Comment
Research on Instagram algorithms has shown that Instagram is also sensitive to the number of mentions in a comment. You must have seen, different pages ask you to mention a number of your friends in the comments to win a contest, but you should know that if the number of mentions in a comment is more than 5 people, the chances of that page being shadowbanned will increase.

2- Excessive Use of Hashtags
As you know, using hashtags can be effective in your posts being visited, but if the number of hashtags you use under an Instagram post is very high, you will be more likely to be shadowbanned.

The number of hashtags allowed by Instagram is 30 for each post, and if it exceeds this number, Instagram will warn you.

3- Over-Tagging
Tagging is one of the ways to attract an audience and followers, but if it is done too much, it will damage your page, so it is recommended not to tag more than 20 people in each post.

4- Being Reported
Being reported can also be a cause of shadowban, this is not certain, but there are people who have experienced shadowban after being reported to Instagram repeatedly.

How to Find Out If You Are Shadowbanned?

This is easily possible. You can search your post hashtags with the accounts of others who do not follow you. If you do not see your page on the search results page, it indicates that you are shadowbanned.

Another sign that your page can be happy is the sudden decrease in views and the number of likes.

There are several sites where you can enter your ID to check the status of your page, including how happy it is but these sites are not accurate at all and their use is not highly recommended.

How to Get Out of the Instagram Sahdowban?

If your Instagram account is shadowbanned, you can fix the problem by following the steps below.

Decrease Your Instagram Activity
One of the ways to remove shadowban is to reduce your activity. In these cases, it is recommended to reduce the activity of your page for a while, and if you use Instagram bots on your page, disable them for a while until your page returns to its normal state. In general, avoiding actions that are a common reason for shadowban (mentioned in the previous section) will take your page out of shadowban after a while.

Contact Instagram
The next method is to email to Instagram, you can send an email to Instagram and state in it that you have no activity that is against the Instagram rules and your page has this problem by mistake.

How Long Does it Take the Shadowban to Be Removed?

The time it takes for Instagram to remove the shadowban from an account depends on different factors, the first time your page may be shadowbanned for about 24 to 72 hours. Next time, it will last longer and then your account will be shadowbanned forever.

Wrapping Up
In this article, the causes of shadowban and methods to eliminate it are fully described. If this is the first time you have this problem, do not worry, because with the simple steps outlined in this article, you can save your page from this problem.

How long does an Instagram shadowban last?

Instagram Shadowban's duration is unknown and yet to be discovered and may vary from a few days to a few months. In some cases, it may even last forever.

Can direct messages to followers cause a shadowban?

Instagram is sensitive to bot-like behavior. It is better to avoid sending too many direct messages. If people block you, which happens often, Instagram will consider you a bot and shadowban you.

Can using the link in the biography cause Shadowban?

Instagram has not given specific instructions for this matter. Still, it is clear that if the link in your profile is malicious, contains a virus or trojan, or to sites related to pornography or child abuse, it will shadowban you.

How can using a hashtag lead to a Shadowban?

When you use unrelated and high-volume hashtags or your hashtags are related to violent acts, sexual acts, and child abuse, Instagram will shadowban you.

Does Instagram send any warning that it has shadowbanned an account?

Unfortunately, Instagram not only does not warn about this issue but also does not even state how long it will last and when it will be removed from Shadowban. All that is said is based on experience.

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