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Is It Possible to Hide Mobile Number in WhatsApp?

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In WhatsApp, unlike Telegram, you can not do anything using a username or ID. In fact, the only way to communicate on WhatsApp is using a mobile number. If you are a member of a WhatsApp group, you will see the mobile number of all the group members, just as other members of the group have access to your mobile number. In the meantime, some people may not like their mobile number to be seen by other members of the group! This is why WhatsApp users have been looking for a way to hide their mobile number in WhatsApp from the beginning, and this is one of the most frequently asked questions about WhatsApp.
Unfortunately, there is no way to hide your mobile number in WhatsApp! However, if you google the phrase "how to hide your mobile number in WhatsApp", you will come across a lot of websites on the results page that all offer a way to hide your mobile number in WhatsApp, but the method they suggest does not work at all and does not not hide your mobile number from others. Now the question arises that, to protect our privacy, if we do not want to share our mobile number on WhatsApp with others, what is the solution?

The Only Solution to WhatsApp Privacy: Create an account using virtual numbers

Knowing that there is no way to hide your mobile number in WhatsApp, if you still decide to use WhatsApp for your daily interactions, the only solution to protect your privacy with your original mobile number is to avoid creating a WhatsApp account and joining different WhatsApp groups. Instead, you can use another mobile number (not your main number) or virtual numbers to create a WhatsApp account and join various WhatsApp groups. This way you can be sure that other users will no longer have access to your main mobile number.

For more information about WhatsApp virtual number, refer to the article below.

Read the article below to know how you can get a free virtual number.

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