Methods of Advertising & Marketing on Instagram

The Best Methods of Advertising & Marketing on Instagram 2022

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In this article, we are not going to discuss the usual methods of advertising and attracting followers on Instagram that everyone knows, but we are going to introduce you to a number of special methods that have hardly been mentioned anywhere. Stay with us...

General Methods of Advertising and Marketing on Instagram

The methods we have chosen to introduce to you in this article are divided into 5 general categories:

  1. Using interactive techniques to attract followers
  2. Advertising by sending bulk DMs on Instagram
  3. Buying ads from Instagram influencers
  4. Buying ads from Instagram
  5. Using techniques based on Instagram algorithms

In the following, we will introduce different methods that are included in each of these categories.

Using Interactive Techniques to Attract Followers

Using Interactive Techniques to Attract Followers

Most people who have a small number of followers, despite the time they spend on creating content on their Instagram page, may still not grow as expected and not attract many followers. But why does this happen?

After being published, the content should receive positive feedback (views, likes and comments) from different people on Instagram and be shared many times by different people so that Instagram realizes that this content is attractive. When Instagram identifies a post as popular and attractive to other users, it makes it appear on Instagram Explorer to show it to more strangers. Then, from among the Explore visitors, more people will like that content and follow its Instagram page. This is how the number of followers of that page increases and experiences a considerable growth.

But this case does not happen for pages that have few followers. Why?

Because their content is seen by a few people (their few followers) and receives little feedback (few likes and comments) from others, which makes Instagram not find that content attractive and does not show that content to other users in Explore. This will deprive your page of the chance to grow and attract more followers.

So as long as an Instagram page does not have a lot of followers, it will be very difficult for it to grow on Instagram, then even direct advertising or influencer advertising can not help much in such cases.
So what is the solution?

If your page does not have many followers (for example, it has fewer than 10K followers), the only way to attract more audience and grow your page is to use interactive techniques; This means interacting with different people on Instagram, for example, following them, leaving likes or comments on their posts, you can even enter like or comment on posts under a particular hashtag or follow the people from there and in this way, you will arouse people's curiosity about your page and draw their attention to your page.

In return, these people visit your page to satisfy their curiosity or reciprocate (like and comment on your posts) and thus, your page traffic will increase. Many of these people also become interested in your content and follow you after checking the quality of the content, products or services you have presented on your page.

However in order to get the best results from these interactive techniques, you need to consider two points:

  1. If you want to get a higher percentage of followers from among the pages you interact with, you have to target people from who are interested in your field of work. In this regard, you can target your competitors’ pages or pages with a topic close or related to your page’s content topic because then, you are sure that the audience of these pages (including followers, commenters and likers of the target page posts) are interested in your topic; Therefore, these people are a good target audience for you to perform your interactive techniques, and there is a better chance that these people will follow back your page if they get familiar with it.
  2. These interactive activities will significantly increase the number of followers on your page if done in large numbers and on a large scale. So if you want to attract more followers to your page through interactive techniques, you have to do it continuously to see the desired result.

Another interactive method to attract followers would be to direct in-store visitors to your social media. One effective method is to use QR codes strategically placed throughout your store. To implement this strategy, you can use a QR code generator to create custom codes that link directly to your social media pages. By doing so, you can encourage your customers to follow your social media accounts, including Instagram. This is especially beneficial for small local brands that do not have a website, as they can still promote their social media presence through QR codes.

Is it easy to implement interactive techniques on a large scale?

Before engaging in massive interactive activities to attract the attention of your audience, you should keep in mind that Instagram imposes restrictions to prevent its users from advertising and promotional activities, as Instagram seeks to hold the monopoly of advertising on this platform; That is, it wants to force Instagram users to buy ads from Instagram if they are willing to market on this platform, so that only Instagram can make money through ads in this space. In fact, Instagram deliberately enforces these rules to prevent its users from promoting and introducing their page to other users by following or leaving likes and comments in bulk; As a result,you can not interact freely and limitlessly with other users on a large scale without any restrictions.

Do not forget that ignoring Instagram rules can cause problems for your page (such as being action bloacked, shadowbanned or banned).

The most important limitations in this regard are the following:

  • If you have a newly established page (with low amount of activity and interaction), you are allowed to follow or unfollow a maximum of 20 accounts per hour. For older and more active pages, this figure reaches 60 accounts per hour.
  • You are allowed to like a maximum of 150 posts per hour and you should not like more than 1000 posts in the whole day.
  • Instagram does not allow you to leave more than 30 comments per hour.

Given these limitations, do you think it is easy to implement interactive techniques manually? We will answer this question below.

Is it possible to implement interactive Instagram techniques without using auxiliary tools?

To attract followers through interactive techniques, you need to find pages related to your field of work and interact with the followers, commenters, and likers of these pages (by following, commenting, or liking their posts). In the meantime, every once in a while, you should unfollow the number of followers you have followed so far so that your page does not get too crowded, and at the same time, you should be aware of Instagram restrictions so that you do not exceed the follow, unfollow, comment and like limits, so that your page will not get into any trouble.

Obviously, going through this process manuallyh is very difficult and almost practically impossible. This is where the need for an auxiliary tool to automate this process becomes apparent. But what are the features of a suitable tool for automating interactive techniques?
We will answer this question below.

What are the features of a suitable tool for automating interactive techniques?

There are tools (software or bots) that perform all these activities automatically, without your intervention, while observing the Instagram restrictions simultaneously. Such software programs are able to automatically follow your desired contacts, like their posts or leave comments for them to attract the attention of these contacts to your page and cause these contacts to visit your page and to follow you of their own free will. Automatically unfollowing some of the pages that have been followed before is another feature that these software programs have to prevent your page from getting crowded.

In a short period of time, such software shows your page to a large number of people, increase the number of its followers and its interaction rate, and pave the way for your Instagram posts to get into Explore and significantly rapid growth.

There are two important things to consider when choosing the right tool to automate interactive techniques on Instagram:

  1. The tool you choose must be able to comply with Instagram hourly restrictions so as not to cause your page to be action blocked or banned.
  2. The tool you choose should simulate human behavior so that it is not known as a bot, because Instagram stops all the bots as soon as they are identified.

In the following, we will introduce you to one of the best tools for attracting followers through interactive techniques, which in addition to the above two features, has many more attractive features.

Instagram Follower Booster Bot Package

Introducing the Virtual-User Instagram Follower Booster Bot Package

One of the best software available for advertising and marketing on Instagram is "Virtual-User Increase Instagram Followers Bot Package", which includes various bots and various features.

This bot will be installed on your Windows system and has all the features that we have listed for a suitable advertising tool on Instagram; This means that it can extract the IDs of followers, commenters and likers of your target pages, and automatically follow them, like their posts or leave comments for them.

This bot can also find the target contacts of your page using hashtags; This means that it can also search for your desired hashtags, like the posts related to that hashtag and leave comments on them.

Since this is a general article on advertising and marketing methods on Instagram, we will not go into more details about this bot. For more information about it, you can visit the product webpage on the Virtual-User website, and if you want to use this bot, you can get it from here.

Instagram Follower Booster Bot Package

Advertising by Sending Bulk DMs on Instagram

Another of the most effective advertising activities on Instagram is sending DMs to the target audience. Since it is sent directly to each person, you are sure that your message will be read by the recipient, and this is considered an advantage of "sending DMs". But in order to hold the monopoly of advertising, Instagram also imposes restrictions on sending direct messages on Instagram. In fact, each account, depending on its lifetime, amount of interaction and activity on Instagram, can send 10 to 1000 direct messages a day.

If you want to get people to your page using direct messaging, you need to go to the pages that are active in the same field as yours, extract the IDs of the contacts of these pages (followers, likers and commenters) and, while observing the daily restrictions of Instagram, send your advertising message directly to these extracted IDs.

However, repeating this process manually every day is difficult and so time-consuming. It is practically impossible for you to find the IDs of your target audience and send your advertising message to them all manually, observing the restrictions of Instagram simultaneously. To do this, you need a tool that will automatically run the process on your behalf, without being identified as a bot.

Instagram Follower Booster Bot Package

One of the best software available for advertising and marketing on Instagram by sending direct messages is the "Virtual-User Instagram Bulk Message Sender Bot Package", which includes various bots and various features. This bot will be installed on your Windows system and has all the features that we have listed for a suitable tool for automated sending DMs; This means that it can extract the IDs of followers, commenters and likers from your desired pages and posts, and send your message automatically to these IDs in accordance with Instagram's restrictions.

Since this is a general article on advertising and marketing methods on Instagram, we will not provide any further details about this bot. You can visit the product webpage on the Virtual User website for more information about this bot package, and if you wish to use this bot, you can provide it from the same website.

Buy Ads from Instagram Influencers

Influencers work in various fields and have a huge number of followers and can promote a brand by introducing its products and services in their stories, posts, IGTV or Live. Since influencers have large audience and can attract followers to your page, working with them can have significant results in branding and increasing your sales.

Obviously, in terms of advertising, your budget and the cost of advertising play a key role in your decision making. You should know that influencers do not have a specific rate for advertising and each of them may ask you for a different amount, which varies according to the number of their followers and most of them ask you for a big rate even for a short marketing story. These large sums may also not get you the number of followers you expect.

What should be considered when choosing an influencer for advertising on Instagram?

Thinking that influencer advertising is simple makes it a waste of time and money. Here are some things to consider when selecting your influencer.

1. Number of Fake Followers of the Influencer’s Page

As you know, fake followers are not real users. They are created only to increase the number of followers on Instagram. Nowadays, if an Instagram page has a low engagement rate, the number of its followers is not a good measure of its popularity and credibility (for example, if the number of likes and comments it receives is much fewer than the number of its followers).

To find out the number of an influencer’s fake followers, pay attention to the ratio of their page followers to the followings. If the influencer has a large number of followings and a relatively small number of followers, it is an alarm for you. Another important point is the ratio of the number of likes and comments and views of the influencer’s page to the number of its followers. If it is too low, that is a sign that most of the followers are fake and not real!

2. Engagement Rate of the Influencer’s Page

The engagement rate is the ratio of the number of likes, comments, saves and shares of a page to the number of followers of that page. The higher the interaction rate of a page, the more the audience of that page is interested in and pays attention to the content of that page. If you submit your ad to an influencer who has a good engagement rate, you will probably get more followers as a result of that ad.

3. Amount of Satisfaction with the Influencer’s Ad

If you want to work with an influencer, you need to know how satisfied the pages that have worked with this influencer are with the result of advertising. Considering an influencer’s popularity alone is not a good option to choose them for advertising your business, but you should pay attention to the changes in the number of actual followers of the pages that previously worked with this influencer for up to one week after the advertisement and to consider to what extent this increase in followers depend on the advertising of this influencer.

4. The Influencer’s Page Niche

it is a priority for you to find an influencer who matches your field of work. If your fields of work are not the same, you will not receive an audience, because the followers and contacts of that influencer are interested in topics that have nothing to do with your field of work, and therefore obviously do not welcome familiarity with your content, products or services because they do not need them.

For example, if your field of work is the construction industry, you should not work with an influencer who works in the field of fashion and beauty. How much can those who follow fashion and beauty be interested in construction?

Buy Direct Ads from Instagram

Instagram advertisements show the content you want to the audience in stories or posts. But to whom does Instagram show your ads? The Instagram promotion algorithm identifies the target audience according to the categories below:

  1. Targeted Instagram Categories

    In this way, Instagram selects people based on gender, age, geographical area, phone operating system, etc. to see the ad.

  2. Categories Based on the User’s Interest

    In this way, Instagram selects users who are interested in your field of work and shows them your ad. Instagram finds the interest area of its users based on all their activities on Instagram such as follow, like, view, comment, save and share posts on a specific topic or field.

The advantage of this method is that you can be sure that your ad will reach the real and targeted audience and you will not even have one single fake visit. In this method, advertising fee is calculated and paid in dollars based on the number of clicks on the advertising post and the number of visits (with each click and per 1000 visits).

How to Promote Your Business Using Instagram Sponsored Ads

To use this type of ad, your Instagram account must be a business profile and you must also have a Facebook account connected to your Instagram account.

In the next step, you select a post from your page and click on the blue “Promote” button that appears below that post. Next, you need to determine the purpose of your promotion and advertising. If your goal is to direct users to your website, choose “Visit your website”, but if your goal is to introduce users to your services and products and to be able to make phone calls and place an order, choose “Call or visit your business”.

In the next step, select the “Action” button and then in the “Select” button, select the text you want to advertise, which includes one of the following:

Learn More
Watch More
Shop Now
Contact Us

Below you can specify how your target audience will be selected. You can select "Automatic" which means your target contacts are selected based on Instagram's own intelligent algorithms or you select the target contacts yourself through the "Customize your own" option. In the second case, you can specify the name of the service, users’ location, users' interests, age and gender.

Finally, by setting your budget and showtimes, you can use Instagram-sponsored ads.

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