Restore deleted photos or videos on Instagram

Restore deleted photos or videos on Instagram

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Instagram adds the Recently Deleted  folder to its features to prevent inadvertent post removals.

On February 2, 2021, Instagram added the "Recent Deleted Folders" option to its app. With this new feature, you can recover any post you have deleted from your Instagram account in the last 30 days.

Instagram has said about this new possibility:
“Now you can see and recover your deleted content for the first time in your Instagram app. From now on, images, videos, reels, IGTV videos, and stories that you delete will be moved to the most recently deleted folders.”

How to Restore the Posts You Have Recently Deleted from Instagram

Here's how to get to the most recently deleted folder:

Settings> Account> Recently Deleted

Of course, to access the recently deleted folder, you need to update your Instagram app to the latest version.


Does the Instagram Restore Recently Deleted feature solve the problem of content being lost due to hacking?

the stories will remain available in the most recently deleted folder for a maximum of 24 hours and can be retrieved.But except for the story, any other Instagram content that you delete from your account will be in this folder for a month, and as a result, you will have enough time to recover any Instagram posts that you have mistakenly deleted from your account.

Instagram has also taken into account the fact that many users' Instagram accounts are hacked and If hackers hack a user's Instagram account and find access to it, they may delete all posts in that account.

After that, all the content will be deleted from that Instagram page and users will be able to get their account back, even if they manage to get it back. They lose content that was previously on this page without having to find a way to recover it.

Instagram says about this:

"We know that hackers sometimes hack the content of an Instagram account and delete the content on that page, and to date, users have no way to recover their images and videos."

recover deleted content

However, Instagram's new feature called "Recent Deleted Folder" is not a complete solution to the problem of content being lost due to hacking, because (like a regular Instagram user) after deleting content from the home screen, a hacker can delete the content from the "Recent deleted folder" permanently.

Of course, Instagram has also tried to create an additional security process to prevent hackers from permanently deleting posts:

"From February 2, 2021, when users want to permanently delete content from a recently deleted folder,they will be asked to first confirm that they are the real owners of the account."

Working with this new feature is very simple and will provide more security for users' Instagram page posts.

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