Add WhatsApp Chat Shortcut on Home screen

Add WhatsApp Chat Shortcut on Home screen

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If there are certain people or groups in your WhatsApp contacts that you spend most of your time chatting with and interacting with, you can add them to your phone home screen for easier and faster access.

Steps to Add a WhatsApp Chat Shortcut to Home Screen

To do this, just log in to WhatsApp and follow the steps below.

Step 1

Select the contact or group you want.

Add WhatsApp Shortcut
Step 2

Then select More from the three dots icon ( ) in the upper right corner.

Add WhatsApp Shortcut
Step 3

Tap Add shortcut.

Add WhatsApp Shortcut

Now an icon of that person will be placed on your mobile home screen, by tapping it, you will be redirected to that person's private chat page.

Add WhatsApp Shortcut

From now on, you do not need to enter the chat page through WhatsApp application to chat in this particular group or with this certain contact, because by doing so, you can directly access your desired WhatsApp contact or group in WhatsApp from the phone screen.

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