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Buy Real Instagram Followers Beneficial or Harmful?

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Instagram is a powerful platform for starting businesses and promoting goals such as increasing income. Various pages have been created, and we are busy producing content and earning money from it. However, the most important criterion for measuring the popularity and reliability of a page on Instagram is the number of its followers. Either you have to try to get it, or you have to buy followers. Indeed, you have often faced things like buying real followers on Instagram. Sites are actively working in this field and are selling real Instagram followers at different prices. But how accurate are these claims? How much can we trust the followers we buy to further the goals of our Instagram page? If you are on this path and need to know what is right and wrong and are looking for a professional solution, this article is for you.

How do sites to buy Instagram followers provide you with huge number of followers?

Some sites create unlimited accounts on Instagram and earn money by managing these accounts. Owners of these Instagram accounts can act as real followers visiting your posts, leaving you likes and comments.

It is not economical for the sellers of these accounts to keep many these Instagram accounts active. As a result, websites that use this method to provide an unlimited number of accounts often sell fake followers. In fact, the purchased followers follow your Instagram page and only add up to the number of followers of your page, but they do not like your posts, do not comment on your posts, do not save them, and do not share your posts with others.

If you want to know more about the differences between real followers and fake followers, visit the article below.


Are the followers you buy real?

Most sites claim to add 100% real followers to your Instagram page in a short time. In terms of quantity, you may not see a lie in this claim because the number of your Instagram page increases after you buy followers from these websites. But in terms of quality and performance of these followers, you can see that most of these followers are fake ones who do not do any activities on your page, and even if there are a few real followers among them, they do not interact with you.

In fact, these real followers follow your page only for their own benefit and may like and comment on your posts without paying any attention to the content of your page. Taking a look at their comments, you will notice that most of their comments are emojis or short and repetitive phrases that can be used for any post.

Most of the time, the followers you buy will drop after a short time. Because the follower provider sites are aware of this, they do not give you any guarantee that your followers will not drop, and they do not take any responsibility for it.

How much does it cost to buy Instagram followers?

The price difference in the follower packages is due to the quality of the followers that are sold to you. Most of these sites sell real followers for almost twice as much as fake followers.

In addition, the price of fake follower packages varies depending on how much information the followers have in their account. For example, fake followers who have a profile picture, a complete bio, posts and even followers, cost much more than other fake followers who do not have information and are easy to be identified as fake Instagram users.

The number of followers provided in each package is also effective in determining their price. However, if you intend to buy Instagram followers in any case, it is recommended that buy from reputable sites that offer support to their customers.


What effect does buying followers have on your Instagram page?

You may get a lot of followers in a short time by buying Instagram followers, but these followers are inactive and fake. Although in the long run, buying followers is practically of no use to you and may even harm your page, in the short run, buying Instagram followers may have a positive psychological effect on increasing your followers. If you are a business owner, when new people enter your Instagram page, they may notice the number of your followers at first and decide whether to follow you or not! So if you have a large number of followers on Instagram, you have a better chance of gaining more followers.

That being said, this effect can only be responsive at first glance and for a short time, but since these followers are not interested in your page content and do not pay attention to it, they can damage your credibility, which will bring serious consequences for your page and will lower the engagement rate of your Instagram page. As a result, the chances of your page appearing in Instagram explore are greatly reduced, and thus the possibility of attracting real followers who could be potential customers of your products is lost.

Because these paid followers are sold in violation of Instagram policies and rules, and Instagram is against fake accounts according to its policies, they are often identified and blocked by Instagram after a short time. As a result, they damage the credibility of your Instagram page and not only do they not make money, but they also lead to distrust of your real followers.

So if you want to continue to improve on Instagram, try to attract real followers to your page. Do not pay too much attention to the methods mentioned on follower provider sites and take them seriously. Many of these sites only consider selling their followers and making money for themselves, and not much about the consequences for your Instagram page.

Do other followers notice that you have bought followers for your page?

At first glance, the presence of fake and purchased followers on your page may not be recognizable, but there are certainly many users who, in addition to the content of the posts, consider the popularity of the page they are following and the number of followers of that page, comments placed under each post and the number of likes each post has received. In this case, if your page fake followers are high, they will be easily recognized.

If you offer products or services on Instagram, and your followers are looking to buy your products, they will definitely monitor your comments, likes and followers to ensure the authenticity of your page, and of course, if they see an unusual trend on your page, they will realize that you have bought followers for your page and you will easily lose your trust and credibility.

in the end

If you have also purchased fake followers, it is better to remove them from your page so that your page has a better chance of progress. To get acquainted with how to remove fake followers, refer to the article below.

To attract Instagram followers, we recommend using Instagram bots such as vUser get instagram followers bot Package instead of buying followers. If you want to know how these bots work, read the article below.

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