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How to Post Comments on Instagram

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Commenting on Instagram means expressing idea; meaning that after viewing a content on Instagram, you express your opinion about it. If you have a business account, posting a comment on Instagram can both make you more visible and accelerate the growth of your page. You can comment under different posts but that's not all! Everything you need to know about commenting on Instagram is presented to you in this article. Stay with us…

The Importance of Commenting on Instagram

There are 3 general advantages for commenting on Instagram; These benefits will motivate you to leave more comments on Instagram The advantages of posting a comment on Instagram include:

The Importance of Posting Comments on Instagram in Attracting Followers

By leaving a comment, you can make your Instagram account stand out and give the visitors the right to choose your page to visit and follow you if they wish. These people are real followers, because they follow your page with their own interest and desire after clicking on your comment, visiting the page and reviewing its content, and therefore, they have a great value for the credibility of your page.

The Importance of Commenting on Instagram in Attracting Visitors

Being visited in Instagram means that users enter your page and view your content even if they do not follow you. Your comment may arouse the curiosity of many users. With each comment that you put under different posts, you will cause many users click on your comment and visit your page and that is how you will simply boost the engagement rate on your Instagram page.

The Importance of Commenting on Instagram for Advertising the Page

One of the easiest ways for advertising in Instagram pages is to leave a comment! Yes, by commenting on the posts that are similar to the field of your page, you can advertise your page and encourage other users to visit your page. By doing so, you can advertise for free and experience more growth.

How to Comment?

Posting a comment on Instagram is easy; there are only some certain principles that you must follow in order to avoid getting action blocked. For example, try not to leave too many or single-word comments. In addition, if the number of your comments that you leave per hour exceeds a certain number, not only your comment will be considered spam, but it will also be action blocked. Try to leave comments at different hours of the day and do not put them all together at the same time.

For more information on getting action blocked in Instagram, read the article we have provided in this regard

In the following, we will show you the steps of inserting a comment on Instagram.


Step 1

To post a comment on Instagram, first log in to your account. Then go to a post that was recently posted.

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Step 2

In this step, you have to tap the text or the text icon that you see at the bottom left of the image.

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Step 3

This will move you to a new page, where you will see the caption of the page at the top of the page and the comments of other contacts at the bottom of the caption.

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Step 4

At the bottom of the mobile keyboard screen, you will see several emojis. To write a comment on Instagram, click on the empty part of the keyboard to bring up your keyboard.

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Step 5

In this step, after writing the desired comment (including a text along with emojis or just an emoji), tap the Post button. Finish! Your comment is inserted in the desired page and below the desired post.

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How to Mention in the Comment?

This action is very simple! To mention people in Instagram comments, just follow the steps below.

Step 1

After going through steps 1 to 4 above, in the text writing section, first hit the @ sign. Then write the desired account ID.

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Step 2

Here, Instagram offers several IDs according to your audience. Once you find your intended ID, click on it.

نحوه درج کامنت در اینستاگرام
Step 3

Then click the Post option to put your comment below the intended post. You have shot two birds with one stone! You have left a comment below the desired post and you have tagged or mentioned someone below the post.

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Is It Possible to Use Hashtags in Instagram Comments?

Yes! You can easily use hashtag in the comments of your page posts. For this action, just go through the 1st to 4th of the above steps. Then:

Step 1

Select the hashtag sign (#).

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Step 2

Start writing any hashtags you want to put.

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Step 3

You can also choose one from the Instagram suggestions.

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Step 4

Tap the Post option to comment it.

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For more information about hashtags on Instagram, refer to the article we have prepared in this regard.

How to Respond Audience’s Comments on Instagram?

We assume that you have left a post on Instagram. This post will be reviewed by your audience and you will get different feedbacks from it. You can now deal with these comments in two ways:

  1. Like the comments of different people using the heart sign in front of the comment.
  2. Reply to various comments with a text or emojis.

Of course responding to people's comments on Instagram involves two situations: either you want to reply to other person's comment on someone else’s page, or you own the post and the people have left comments below your post.

Anyway, for responding a comment on Instagram, follow these stages:

Step 1

Enter your page and go to the desired post.

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Step 2

In the page that opens, we can see the comments of different people. You can see the Reply option is below the comment.

نحوه درج کامنت در اینستاگرام
Step 3

Click on it in order to bring up your keyboard.

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Step 4

Then write your desired text or emoji to respond the comment of the person.

نحوه درج کامنت در اینستاگرام
Step 5

Then tap the Post option to send your comment

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When and Where Should You Post Comments?

In general, commenting on Instagram has certain principles; First, you may encounter a large number of posts per day. If your goal is to attract visits and advertise by commenting, it is better that you comment under the posts that their field of activity is related to you. In other words, try to plan your commenting for the pages whose visitors are interested in that area are supposed to visit your page.

Secondly, Instagram does not allow you to leave as many comments as you want! So we need to know that when and under what post we should comment. In general, for several reasons, you may want to comment under the posts you see on Instagram.

  • You leave a comment to encourage the activity of the page as well as admire their good content.
  • You comment your opinion to express your dissatisfaction with the content.
  • Leave a comment to ask a question related to their field of activity.
  • Leave a comment to advertise your business.
  • Leave a comment to mention your friends.

In addition to these explanations, if you have a business page, it is better to leave a comment under the pages that are related to your field of activity. This will give you the following results:

  1. If you leave a comment below the page that is better than you, you will make your page more visible. In other words, you can attract some of their followers to your page!
  2. If a page is weaker than yours, you can attract a huge number of their audience to your page by posting a comment below their post!
  3. You can present yourself as someone who has enough information in the field!

Attracting Followers by Posting Bulk Comments on Instagram

So far, we have reviewed how commenting affects the page to be seen more. Now we want to explain the definition of comment marketing. Comment marketing is an activity that attracts more followers by placing the comment in the right place at the right time.

By following the principles of comment marketing that we will mention below, you can attract a large audience in an organic and completely principled way. First of all, be aware that you should not overdo it for comment marketing! Instead, you have to follow the principles of this useful Instagram activity to get result. The principles of comment marketing and posting comments on Instagram are:

  1. To get the best results, first go to the giant pages of your field of activity! Activate the page notification so that if they post, you are notified and able to be the first to leave a comment.
  2. Do not advertise your page directly when posting a comment on Instagram! Try to comment on a few lines about the post on the intended page and let the audience know that you have enough information in this area.
  3. You can use emojis to make your comment more attractive.

Of course, if you want to post bulk comments on Instagram for advertising purposes, manually and without the help of automation tools, it is very time consuming and almost impossible due to the rules and time constraints of Instagram. You can use the Virtual User Bulk Direct Messages Sender bot to automate the comment marketing on Instagram.

Summary and the Final Word
Commenting on Instagram has certain principles that we have reviewed in this article. In general, posting a comment on Instagram is simple and possible with a few taps. You can comment to express your feelings, give feedback and also ask questions. Also, if you receive a comment, you can respond to it.

Comment marketing is one of the basic principles in commenting. To do this, try to stick to the Instagram rules. To improve comment marketing, you can use the vUser Instagram ‌‌‌‌Bulk Comment Bot.

 پرسش و پاسخ درباره Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions Frequently Asked Questions

You can use tools or filter offensive comments. Or report them to Instagram.
To manage comments, go to the "Activities" or "Activity" section of your profile, and from the "Comments" section, you can check and manage your comments.
You can only delete other people's comments on posts that belong to you. Otherwise, only the person who posted the comment can edit or delete it.
After deleting a comment, it is not possible to recover it. The deleted comment will be permanently deleted from the corresponding post.
Instagram cannot send private comments. All the comments you insert under a post are visible to everyone.

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