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Likers Auto Follow bot in Twitter

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The Likers Auto Follow bot is a part of the vUser Twitter Follower Booster Bot Package and, as you may have guessed, is a robotic software program that can follow the people who have liked a specific tweet.
In this post, we are going to explain what the use of Likers Auto Follow bot is and how it works.

Usage of the Likers Auto Follow bot in Twitter?

One way to find the right target audience in Twitter is to follow the likers of a tweet that is relevant to your Twitter account niche. By following these people, who are for sure interested in your business field, you will attract their attention to your page, and if you offer quality content and fair price in your account, there is a high possibility that some of these people follow you back.

To manually follow the likers of a target tweet (without using any automated tools), you need to open your intended tweet, and click on the “likes” option to see the list of people who have pressed the like button for it. Then, you can start by following the first person on this list and continue to the end of this list.

Having said that, note that Twitter has some restrictions on follow activity. You are not allowed to follow as many people as you like in a day. Actually, the number of people a Twitter account is allowed to follow differs depending on the account age and interaction . Anyway, if you exceed the limits, your account gets action blocked or disabled.

As you may have guessed, following the likers of a tweet manually, while considering the Twitter limitations, is a difficult and tedious task and you will need a tool, such as the Likers Auto Follow Bot, that can automate this process.

Important tips

Configuring and running the Likers Auto Follow bot is completely similar to what is described in the tutorial videos of this package; Meaning that, you must first apply the settings of the bot as you want and then run the bot.

  1. Twitter has limited the number of pages that every user can follow per hour, so you need to consider this limit in determining the “number of pages to follow” in the setting file not to exceed this amount; for more information about this limitation refer to the article “Daily and Hourly Limitations of Twitter” which is available in this package.
  2. The usernames which are followed through this bot will be saved in the “Followed usernames.xlsx” which exists in the folder “Reports”.
  3. Followed usernames that are saved in the Excel file “Followed usernames.xlsx” would be considered as the Black List usernames and so, would not be followed again.


of Likers Auto Follow bot in Twitter

How the Bot Works

How to configure and work with this bot is provided in tutorial PDF and video files, which come with it. Therefore, we are not going to explain these issues here.
To launch this bot, you just need to open the Twitter Follower Booster UI program and choose the Likers Auto Follow Bot. Then, you specify the target tweet link and the total number of people that you want the bot to follow and finally, you run the bot.

The Twitter Likers Auto Follow Bot starts working: it opens the tweet on the twitter web page, and clicks on the “likes” sign so that the list of people who have liked this post appears on the page. Then, it starts from the first username on the list, follows it, and then moves on to the second username, and repeats the process as many times as you specified in the Excel file (complying with the Twitter restrictive rules).
To know how the Likers Auto Follow bot in Twitter works, watch the video below.

How to Get the Likers Auto Follow Bot in Twitter?

As mentioned at the beginning of this post, the Competitors’ Followings Auto Follow bot is a part of the Twitter Follower Booster Bot Package, which is a product of the vUser website, and to have the bot you need to purchase the whole package for 59 €.
The Likers Auto Follow is just a small part of the Twitter Follower Booster Bot Package and it includes some other useful bots with magnificent features to help you boost the followers of your page by many more automated targeted activities.

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