The Filter WhatsApp and non-WhatsApp numbers Bot

The “Filter WhatsApp and non-WhatsApp numbers” Bot

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The "Filter WhatsApp & Non-WhatsApp numbers" bot is one of the bots existing in the Virtual-User "WhatsApp Bulk Message Sender" bot package, and as its name implies, is a robotic tool that can separate the phone numbers having WhatsApp accounts from those that do not and provide it to you as a list.

In the following, we want to review what the use of "Filter WhatsApp & Non-WhatsApp Numbers" bot is, and how it works. Stay with us in this article...

What is the use of the "Filter WhatsApp numbers from Non-WhatsApp numbers" bot?

You may, for any reason, want to filter WhatsApp numbers from non-WhatsApp numbers in a list of mobile numbers you have to provide a list of mobile numbers that have WhatsApp accounts from this collection.

For example, you may have a mobile number database and want to advertise your business by sending direct messages to the owner of these numbers on WhatsApp. Many of the numbers in this list may not have WhatsApp accounts at all, so sending messages to these numbers will be a waste of your time and energy. In such cases, you can first filter the WhatsApp numbers that are available in this database and send your advertising message only to the WhatsApp numbers to speed up your work.
To find out if a number has a WhatsApp account or not, you must first save that number on your mobile phone to see if it appears among your WhatsApp contacts. But is it possible to identify and distinguish WhatsApp numbers easily on a large scale?

The Need for Using an Automated Software to Filter WhatsApp & Non-WhatsApp Numbers

Suppose that you have purchased mobile number database consisting of 10000 mobile numbers and you want to filter WhatsApp numbers from the nonWhatsApp numbers available in this collection. If you want to do this manually, you have no alternative but to save these numbers on your mobile device to find out which numbers have a WhatsApp account. Saving all these numbers manually is a tedious and time-consuming job to do. To do this on a large scale, you need a tool such as the "Filter WhatsApp from Non-WhatsApp Numbers" bot that can perform the whole process automatically and announce which number has a WhatsApp account and which does not.

In the following, we will explain how this bot works.

How the “Filter WhatsApp Numbers from Non-WhatsApp numbers” Bot Works

In this section, we are not going to teach you how to use this bot, we just want to show you how the “Filter WhatsApp Numbers from Non-WhatsApp Numbers” works when you run the bot on your system.

However, the process of setting up the bot is very simple and does not require much explanation. Video & PDF tutorial on how to install and use the software is also included in the package, which you can refer to. To launch this bot, first, enter the “Filter WhatsApp Numbers from Non-WhatsApp Numbers” bot folder in the “WhatsApp Bulk Message Sender” bot package that you have purchased from our website; all you need to do is to insert your intended numbers in an excel file (which exists in the bot folder) and run the bot. then, you will no longer have to do anything else and the rest will be done automatically by the bot. The bot automatically opens the browser you specified in the bot (Chrome or Firefox) and logs into your WhatsApp account, and then specifies which of the numbers entered in Excel have WhatsApp and which do not. The bot saves this report in an Excel file by displaying "Yes" for the numbers that have WhatsApp accounts and "No" for the numbers that do not have WhatsApp accounts. Note that the bot displays the word "No" in front of the numbers that have a WhatsApp account but you have them saved on your phone.

How can I get the “Filter WhatsApp Numbers from Non-WhatsApp Numbers” bot?

The “Virtual-User Filter WhatsApp Numbers from Non-WhatsApp Numbers bot”, as we mentioned at the beginning of the article, is part of the “WhatsApp Bulk Message Sender” bot package, and for preparing it, you must purchase the “WhatsApp Bulk Message Sender” bot package. By ordering this package, you can also benefit from other bots in it.

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