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Whatsapp text message auto sender bot

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The "Send Message to Numbers in WhatsApp" is one of the bots of the Virtual User "Send Bulk Message in WhatsApp " bot package and as its name implies, is a robotic tool that can send your messages to anonymous numbers in WhatsApp.

It is good to know that to send a direct message on WhatsApp, people are divided into two categories.

  1. Familiar people: People who have saved your number or chatted with you once.
  2. Strangers: People who have not chatted with you before or have not saved your number are considered strangers.

WhatsApp deals with these two groups of people in different ways (especially about the restriction on sending direct messages to them), which we will explain in due course.

Now we are going to explain what the use of this “Send Message to Numbers in WhatsApp” bot is and how it works. Stay tuned…

What is the use of Send Messages to Numbers Bot?

As you know, one of the most effective ways to advertise on WhatsApp is to send direct messages to different people, because by sending a direct message, you are sure that your message will be read. Because receiving a direct message arouses people's curiosity, it is not possible for anyone on WhatsApp to leave a received direct message unopened or unread. So it is clear that if you manage to send a lot of advertising messages to people in WhatsApp, you will experience an effective advertising .

But is this simply possible? Can we send an advertising message to a large number of strangers with the same WhatsApp account without any problems?
To answer these questions, you must first become familiar with WhatsApp restrictions. Stay with us...

WhatsApp Restrictions on Sending Messages to Numbers in Bulk

The problem is that sending a large number of messages to numbers of strangers (unknown people) in Telegram is not simply possible; This means that you cannot send as many messages as you want to different people on WhatsApp with the same WhatsApp account, because WhatsApp tries to prevent its users from advertising in this platform by enforcing some restrictive rules. The most important restrictions are:

  1. Inability to send group messages in WhatsApp
  2. Daily limit on the number of messages to numbers

Here's how these restrictions keep us from advertising on WhatsApp.

First limitation: Inability to send group messages in WhatsApp

In order to send a message to the number of a stranger in WhatsApp, we must first save the number in WhatsApp, then enter its personal chat page and send our message there. Now, if we want to send a message to a large list of different numbers in WhatsApp, we have no choice but to save each of these numbers in our WhatsApp, enter the chat page of each of them, insert our message on this page and send it to each of these people separately, because unfortunately WhatsApp has no possibility group messaging the numbers of anonymous people at once in its application; So obviously WhatsApp advertising is a very difficult, time consuming and tedious task if done manually and it is not practical at all. What is the solution?

The WhatsApp broadcast feature enable group messaging to acquaintances only and not to strangers.
To acquire more information about sending bulk messages on WhatsApp using WhatsApp broadcast, read this article.

The second limitation: Daily limit on the number of messages to numbers

As mentioned at the beginning of this article, WhatsApp divides people into two “familiar” and “anonymous” categories.

There are no limits on sending messages to people we know; This means that we can send as many messages as we want to acquaintances every day with the same line of WhatsApp without our account being blocked. As you can guess, sending a promotional message to the familiar people does not have much of an advertising effect because these people are already familiar with our business and that will not make us a new customer.

As a result, WhatsApp advertising only makes sense and is effective by sending messages to strangers. But we are not totally free to send messages to anonymous people because WhatsApp allows each account to send a certain number of messages to anonymous people every day, depending on the account history (life time, interaction and activity of the account) and if it exceeds this limit, WhatsApp will block the line. For example, for newly created WhatsApp accounts, this limit is higher (for example, less than 100 messages per day), but for WhatsApp accounts with a longer life time and more interaction, this limit is less.

As you know, advertising is effective when it is done on a large scale, while WhatsApp does not allow any account to send messages in bulk. Therefore, it seems that the only solution is to prepare several SIMs (virtual or real), create WhatsApp accounts with them, and send advertising messages with these accounts. But managing to send large numbers of messages using multiple WhatsApp accounts is also very difficult and tedious. So what is the solution?

The Need for an Automated Software Program

Given the limitations mentioned earlier, to send trouble-free ads on WhatsApp, we will definitely need a software tool that can go through the whole process of sending bulk messages to the mobile numbers of strangers automatically; This means that it can automatically save the mobile numbers of the target audience in our WhatsApp, enter their chat page and send the desired message to each of them separately. The software should also be able to work with several WhatsApp accounts (lines) to close one account if it approaches the limit and continue sending with the second account (next line) that you have introduced to the software.

This is where the Send Message to Numbers in WhatsApp bot that we introduced to you at the beginning of this article comes in handy and helps you because it has all the features we have mentioned here and even more features for sending ads in bulk and effortlessly.

In the following, we will introduce you to how this bot works.

How the Send Messages to Numbers on WhatsApp bot works

In this section, we are not going to teach you how to use the bot, but we just want to show you how the bot works when you run the " Send Messages to Numbers on WhatsApp bot ".

However, setting up the bot is very easy and does not require much explanation. Training on how to install and use the software is also included in a video file inside the package, which you can refer to. To use this bot, all you have to do is enter the WhatsApp Bulk Messaging Bot Package that you buy from our site and open the " Send Message to Numbers " bot folder; insert the settings in the bot's Excel files and run the bot.

You no longer have to do anything and everything is done automatically by the bot.

The bot automatically opens the Chrome browser on your system and logs into your WhatsApp account. If this is the first time you are using the bot, you should scan the WhatsApp barcode once using your phone so that your WhatsApp account is introduced to the bot, and you will not need to do it next time.

You can refer to the article we have prepared to know how to do it.

After the bot logs into your account, it starts from the first number in the Excel list and opens the chat page of this number and sends the message you want, and then goes to the second mobile number in the Excel list. After sending a certain number of messages (as many as what you ordered to the bot), the first account (line) closes and opens the next account, and continues the process of sending messages to the numbers with this account. This process will continue until the end of the list of numbers and with all the lines that you have provided to the bot.

It is worth mentioning that if some of the numbers you have entered in the list do not have a WhatsApp account or have deleted their WhatsApp account, it will not cause any trouble to the bot and the bot will continue its work by sending the message to the other numbers in the list.

How can I get the Send Message to Numbers bot?

The Virtual User "Send Message to Numbers" bot, as we mentioned at the beginning of the article, is part of the WhatsApp Bulk Messaging Bot Package, and to prepare it, you need to purchase the package. This way, you can also benefit from the other bots that exist in it.


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Frequently Asked Questions About Send Text Message to Numbers in WhatsApp Bot

Can the bot send messages to non-mutual contacts on WhatsApp?
Yes! Using this bot, you can send messages to contacts who have not sent you any messages on WhatsApp and are considered strangers by WhatsApp; By using the vUser WhatsApp Bulk Message Sender bot, you just enter a list of your target audience’s mobile numbers and the text of your message, and the rest will be automatically done by the bot itself.
Are there any limits on sending messages to non-mutual contacts on WhatsApp?
WhatsApp imposes limits on sending messages to anonymous or non-mutual contacts, meaning that you can send messages to a limited number of people per day with whom you have not chatted on WhatsApp yet (this amount varies depending on the authority and age of your WhatsApp account). However, there are no limits on sending messages to contacts who have already messaged you on WhatsApp; meaning that you can send as many messages as you want to mutual contacts (with whom you have already chatted) per day with the same account without the risk of your account being restricted or blocked.
How can I send messages to non-mutual contacts in bulk on WhatsApp without getting restricted or blocked?
As you know, you can send a certain number of messages to strangers per day, depending on the authority and age of your WhatsApp acount. To be able to send messages to more non-mutual contacts on WhatsApp, you need to provide several WhatsApp accounts and send messages with them.
How can I send messages anonymously on WhatsApp?
Currently, it is not possible to send messages anonymously on WhatsApp and your mobile number would be displayed for all the contacts you message, and no software can hide your information from the recipients.
Nevertheless, you can use Virtual SIMs for sending your messages on WhatsApp, and it doesn't cost much to get these virtual SIMs. For example, if you want to send bulk advertising messages on WhatsApp, and your personal information not being shown to the recipients of your message and therefore, you remain anonymous to them; It is better to prepare some virtual SIMs, create WhatsApp accounts for those SIMs and send messages with them.
Can I send messages to non-mutual contacts without saving them?
No! To send messages to people on WhatsApp, you must first save their mobile numbers in your contact list to be able to message them in WhatsApp.

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