Instagram Fake Follower Checker Bot

Instagram Fake Follower Checker Bot

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The Instagram Fake Follower Checker Bot is part of the Virtual-User Increase Instagram Follower Bot Package and, as its name suggests, is a robotic tool that helps you identify how many of your followers are fake or ghost. In fact, the bot receives the list of your followers' IDs, checks their profiles, and provides you with some information from their profiles, using which you can easily identify whether the profile belongs to a fake user or a real user so that you can take measures to remove the fake ones from your page.

If you want to know what the use of this bot is and how it works, stay with us in this article.

For more information about fake followers, you can refer to the Fake Followers vs. Real Followers on Instagram.

What is the use of Instagram Fake Follower Checker Bot?

Before introducing the Instagram fake follower checker bot, let us focus on the negative effects of having fake followers among the followers of our page.

How does detecting fake followers help our page grow?

According to Instagram, the value and credibility of an Instagram page no longer depends on the number of followers, but depends on the amount of users’ interaction with your page (viewing posts and stories, likes, comments, post saves, etc.); In fact, Instagram considers a page with a high engagement rate more attractive and more popular with users. As a result, the page is more likely to enter the Instagram Explore or be suggested by Instagram to other users.

If you do not know what the engagement rate is and how it is calculated, read the two articles we have written in this regard.

For example

  • In the first case, suppose you have 1000 followers and your posts get an average of 400 likes.
  • In the second case, suppose you have the same 1000 followers, but your posts get an average of 100 likes.

Obviously, in the first case, your page has a better chance of entering Instagram Explore and being seen and growing faster, while in the second case, your page will not have such a chance, because in the second case, it is implied that your page is so unattractive that even your followers have no desire to like or react to your posts. So obviously having fake followers damages your page because they only increase the number of your followers but have no activity (including liking, commenting, saving, messaging or even viewing the post) on your page and their presence among your followers makes Instagram believe that your page content is not attractive, that it does not get good feedback from followers, which deprives your page from the chances that Instagram offers to quality pages and keeps it from growing.
Now that we know there is an essential need for identifying our fake followers, the question is if it is easily feasible?

How can we identify the fake followers of our page?

There is no alternative but to examine each of your followers and identify them according to some criteria that imply a page belongs to a fake user, because fake pages usually do not have a profile picture, bio and a significant username, with no (or a small number of) followers, a large number of followings and no specific content (one or two posts) on their page. As a result, to identify your fake followers, you must open your followers section, and click on the profiles you suspect are fake and go to their profiles, and then check the number of their followers and followings, their username, see whether they have a post or not, etc to decide if thay are real or fake. However, keep in mind that Instagram does not allow you to open and check more than 100 profiles per hour.
So what is the solution? How can we identify the fake followers from among the many followers we have?
In the following, we will answer this question ...

Why do we need an automatic tool to detect our Instagram fake followers?

Obviously, visiting the page of each follower and checking the profile page of each of them is difficult and takes a lot of time due to the Instagram limitation (checking up to 100 profiles per hour), especially if you have a large number of followers. Therefore, it is better to use a tool that automatically checks the pages you want and provides you with the necessary information so that you can quickly and easily decide whether each page belongs to a fake user or a real one. This is where the Instagram fake follower checker bot comes in handy.

To use this bot, all you have to do is provide the bot with the ID list of your followers. The Instagram fake Follower Checker Bot enters the page of each of the IDs in the list and checks them based on the mentioned parameters (existence of profile picture, number of followers and followings, number of posts, etc.) and provides you with the relevant information. Having this information, you can easily identify your fake or ghost followers.

You can use the Virtual-User's Extract Followers Bot , which is available in the Virtual-User Increase Instagram Followers Bot Package, to prepare an ID list of your followers.
As a second option, you can submit a request to Instagram to, within 48 hours, receive an email containing a list of your followers. We have already explained how to send a request to Instagram in the article How to Backup Instagram Information , which you can refer to.

In the following, we will examine how this bot works. Stay with us...

How does the Instagram fake follower checker bot work?

In this section, we are not going to teach you how to set up and work with this bot, we just want to show you how this bot works when it is run on your system.
However, the video tutorial on how to launch this bot is available in the package that you buy from our website.
To launch this bot, in the Virtual-User Increase Instagram Followers Bot Package, you enter the folder of Extract Bots, and from there, you open the Instagram Fake Follower Checker Bot folder. Apply the required settings according to the instructions given in the PDF and the video tutorial, and run the bot.

You no longer need to do anything, and the rest will be done automatically by the bot itself. After execution, based on the information you entered in the Excel file, the bot will open the Instagram web page; It then searches for each of the IDs you entered in the Excel list, clicks on their profile, enters the profile of each one, and saves the requested information in the Excel file of the list of IDs. The bot finally offers a complete report of the information of the page you want, including the bio, the number of posts, the number of followers, the number of followings, personal page, profile photo (whether the page in question has a profile photo or not) in an Excel file.

This way, using the information that the bot collects, you can easily identify which of these accounts are fake.

How can I provide the Virtual-User Instagram Fake Follower Checker Bot?

As mentioned at the beginning of the article, the Virtual-User Instagram Fake Follower Checker Bot is part of the Virtual-User Increase Instagram Followers Bot Package , and to prepare it, you must purchase the whole package.
This package includes several other useful bots that you can use to have more targeted activity on Instagram.

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