Instagram Likers auto follow bot

Instagram Likers auto follow bot

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The Follow Target Page Likers bot is a part of the vUser Increase Instagram Followers bot package and, as you may have guessed, is a robotic software program that can follow the people who have liked your intentended post on Instagram. In the following, we will explain what the Follow Target Page Likers bot is for, and how this bot works. Follow us in this article…

What is the Follow Target Page Likers bot used for?

On Instagram, people usually like the posts whose subject and content they are interested in. So if you find pages related to your field of business and try to somehow get the attention of the audience of these pages to your page, it will help you to increase the chances of your page attracting more followers and growing faster.

One way to find the right target audience and get their attention is, to follow the likers of the posts of an Instagram page that is related to your field of activity. You are sure that those who liked the posts on these pages are interested in your field of business or need your services and products; Therefore, by following these people, you will attract their attention to your page, and if you provide quality content, offer various products and services at a reasonable price, there is a high possibility that some of these people will decide to follow you back.

To follow the post likers of your target page manually (without using any automated tools), you need to open your intended post on Instagram, and click on the “likes” option to see the list of the likers of that post. Then, you can start with the first person on this list and follow them and continue to the end of the list.

Having said that, you should keep in mind that Instagram has imposed some restrictions on the number of people that you can follow. Newly established pages (for example, less than 6 months old) are not allowed to follow more than 20 IDs per hour, and for older pages, this limit is up to 60 IDs per hour . You must not exceed these limits for following the post likers of the target page. If you do not care about these limitations and cross over the hourly limits in the following IDs, your page may get action-banned or blocked.

For more information about the limitations of Instagram, you can refer to the article we have published in this regard.

As you may have guesed, following the post likers of a page manually, and at the same time, considering the Instagram limitations, is a difficult and tedious task and you will surely need a tool that can automate this process. The Follow Target Page Likers bot, , which we introduced to you at the beginning of this article can automatically follow the post likers of your desired page and consider the limits as well, and finally provide you with a report of the followed people in an Excel file.

Instagram has set some hourly restrictions that you must comply with. These restrictions are fully included in the tutorial files of the Increase Instagram Followers Bot Package, in which we have provided features that enable you to control these restrictions.

How the Follow Target Page Likers Bot Works

In this section, we are not going to teach you how to set up and work with this bot, but we just want to show you how this bot works when you run this bot on your system.
However, we have explained how to configure and run this bot in a complete and detailed PDF file separately.
To launch this bot, open the folder of the Follow Target Page Likers bot, and in the settings Excel file, specify the ID of your desired page and the number of people to be followed. After the initial setup and execution, the bot opens the Instagram web page; Then searches for the specified page ID, and enters it. On this page, the bot automatically opens the first post of the target page and clicks on the “likes” sign so that the list of people who liked this post appears on the page. Then, it starts from the first ID on the list, follows it, and then moves on to the second ID, and repeats the process as many times as you specified in the Excel file (complying with the Instagram restrictive rules).

The bot can go to the next post on this page after following the likers of the first post on the target page and go through the whole previous process for the second post.

This bot cannot follow the likers of video posts because for these posts Instagram just shows the viewers and not the likers, so the bot will skip the video posts to reach the posts with pictures and follow the likers of that post.

To know how the Follow Target Page Likers bot works, watch the video below.

How can I get the Follow Target Page Likers bot?

As we mentioned at the beginning of this article, the Follow Target Page Likers bot is a part of the vUser Increase Instagram Follower bot package, and to prepare it, you should buy the whole package. This package also includes other useful bots that you can use to have more targeted business and advertising activities on Instagram.

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