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Download trial version of Telegram Bulk Sender <span class='h4-size title-extension opacity9'>Bot Package</span>

Download Demo Version of Telegram Bulk Sender Bot Package

The demo has only some features of the full version. However, the demo can be used to see how the software works and to ensure it runs properly on your system.

Download Demo Version
Running only on Windows

2 Tips About Downloading

vUser Security
Tip 1: It is recommended to download the package with a Download manager program such as Internet Download Manager Download IDM so that the file will be completely downloaded.

Tip 2: If for any reason, one of your system security programs does not allow you to download or use the downloaded file, be aware that it is because of the program’s inability to check the compressed files. The downloaded file is a zip file that is inside another zip file and security programs can not check the inside of the two layers of zip file, so they just ignore it. However, if you suspect our files may contain a virus, you can first extract the files yourself with Winrar and then have the security programs scan them.
For more information about the security of virtual user products you can refer to this page

Video Tutorial On How To Use Telegram Bulk Sender Bot Package

How the Telegram Bulk Sender Bot Package works

How the Telegram Bulk Sender Bot Package works

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