Telegram Contacts Exporter Bot

Telegram Contacts Exporter Bot

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The ”Telegram Contacts Exporter Bot”, existing in the vUser Telegram Bulk Sender Bot Package , is a robotic software program that can export and save the information of all the people in your Telegram contacts list.
In the following, we are going to explain what the use of Telegram Contacts Exporter is and how it works.

What is the use of the Telegram Contacts Exporter Bot?

If you have a business account or customer support account in Telegram, you are surely aware of the importance of your account contacts.
The people in your contact list are either your customers (who have made a purchase from you) or the people interested in your business (who have once asked something about the products or services you offer).
Having a list of numbers of your Telegram contacts provides you with a database of mobile numbers of the people who are for certain interested in your business, who are a suitable target audience for your business.
You can target these numbers with different kinds of advertisements, including sending SMS, making calls, and sending DMs on Telegram.
Moreover, having this list, you have a backup of your customers' phone numbers and usernames, and if your Telegram account is blocked or lost one day, you can access your contact again.
For extracting and saving your contacts’ information; you log in to your Telegram account, open your Telegram Contact List, click on each contact's profile, and copy and save each mobile number and username somewhere.
Obviously, given that you have a lot of contacts in your contact list, this would be a difficult and time-consuming task and that is why you will need a tool, such as the Telegram Contacts Exporter Bot, that can do this for you automatically.
In the next section, we will review how this bot works.

How the Telegram Contacts Exporter Bot Works

How to configure and work with this bot is provided in tutorial PDF and video files, which come with the bot. Therefore, we are not going to explain these issues here again.
To launch this bot, you just need to open the vUser Telegram Bulk Sender UI program and choose the Telegram Contacts Exporter Bot, apply the required settings and then run the bot.
You no longer need to do anything; The bot opens your contact list and starts from the first contact in this list respectively, clicks on his profile, copies the information (name, number, or username), and saves it in an Excel file. The bot then goes to the second contact in this list.
The bot automatically repeats this process to the end of the contact list for every single contact in this list and provide you with the final exported list.
You can see how the Bot works in the video below.

How can I get the Telegram Contacts Exporter Bot?

As we mentioned at the beginning of the article, the Telegram Contacts Exporter Bot is a part of the Telegram Bulk Sender Bot Package , which is a product of the vUser website, and to get the bot you need to purchase the whole package for 59€.
The Telegram Contacts Exporter Bot is just a small part of the Telegram Bulk Sender Bot Package and it includes some other useful bots with magnificent features to help you boost your sales by many more automated targeted activities in Telegram.

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