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Message Sender to Chatted Contacts Bot in Telegram

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The Message Sender to Chatted Contacts on Telegram Bot, existing in the vUser Telegram Bulk Sender Bot package, is a robotic tool that can send your messages (with photos or videos) to the contacts who have messaged you on Telegram.
In this post, we are going to explain how this Message Sender to Chatted Contacts Bot helps you and how it works.

Usage of the Message Sender to Chatted Contacts Bot?

You are probably aware that there are restrictions on sending direct messages to non-mutual contacts in Telegram.

Telegram divides people into two groups:
  1. Mutual contacts: people who have messaged you in Telegram before.
  2. Non-mutual contacts: people who have never messaged you in Telegram.
You are free to send any desired number of direct messages to the first group but there are restrictions on messaging the second group. Each account is allowed to message a maximum of 50 strangers in a day.

As a result, if you have a Telegram account to which many people are texting (for example, support or customer service accounts), the Message Sender to Chatted Contacts Bot will be very useful because the people who message this Telegram account, are your customers and they are likely to use your products and services again. You can attract more customers by sending promotional messages or informing these people about your products.
The advantage of sending message to these people is that this case is not included in the Telegram restriction because these people have already sent you a message and are considered your mutual contacts by Telegram so you are free to send as many messages to them as you want.
Now suppose you wanted to send messages to 1000 of your customers who have already chatted with you on Telegram. What would you do? If you wanted to manually open the chat page of all these 1000 people one by one and send them messages, it would be too time-consuming and intolerable, and you would probably give it up.

So what is the solution?
For sending messages to this group of people continuously, you have no choice but to use an automated tool, such as the Message Sender to Chatted Contacts Bot, that can automatically send your desired message to all chats existing in your Telegram account.
In the next section, you will see how this bot works.

Important tips

You can use the Message Sender to Chatted Contacts Bot similar to what is described in the tutorial video in the Bot package, which means you must first, manage the bot settings as you want, and then run it.

Tips on Using the Bot
  1. To run this bot properly, your chats on Telegram should not have any folders, which means that your Telegram chats should not be categorized into different folders. We have provided the needed information in the video tutorials to learn how to delete the category folders.
  2. Note that the bot does not send messages to archived or pinned chats on your Telegram chat page.
  3. All those who have already messaged you on Telegram are considered “familiar” in terms of Telegram, and you have no restrictions on sending messages to these people. Therefore, using multiple accounts to message these people is not necessary, and this feature is not built into this bot.
  4. The bot starts from the first chat of the chats list and goes down as many as the number you specified in the settings Excel file and sends your desired message to each of these people one by one.
  5. To send a photo or video by this bot, you must put the desired photo or video in a channel or group (for example, create an empty channel or group and post your photos and videos in that empty group or channel) and copy the link of that post. To do this, just right-click on it, select the Copy Post Link option, and then right-click in the corresponding cell in the " Extra Text Messages" Excel file and paste it so the bot will send it to your desired contacts.


of Message Sender to Chatted Contacts Bot in Telegram

How the Bot Works

How to configure and work with this bot is provided in tutorial PDF and video files, which come with it. Therefore, we are not going to explain these issues here.
To launch this bot, you just need to open the Telegram Bulk Sender UI program and choose the Message Sender to Chatted Contacts Bot, apply the required settings and run the bot.
Then, you will no longer have to do anything. The bot launches your Telegram account and opens your contacts' chats one by one, sends your message to the first chat, and then goes to the second chat on the list, and this process continues as many times as you have specified for the bot.

How to Get the Message Sender to Chatted Contacts bot?

As we mentioned at the beginning of the article, the Message Sender to Chatted Contacts bot is a part of the vUser Telegram Bulk Sender Bot Package, and to get the bot you need to purchase the whole package for 59€.

The Message Sender to Chatted Contacts bot is just a small part of the vUser telegram Bulk Sender Bot Package and it includes some other useful bots with magnificent features to help you do many more automated targeted activities in Telegram.

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