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The Telegram Message Sender to Groups bot, existing in the vUser Telegram Bulk Sender bot package, is a software program that is used to automatically send bulk messages in Telegram groups.
In this article, we are going to explain how this bot works and how it helps you advertise.

Usage of the "Telegram Message Sender to Groups Bot"

One of the most effective ways for promoting your business in Telegram is to send advertising messages to groups. By sending messages to groups that are involved in the fields close to your business, you actually introduce your business to people who are potential customers of your business and are more likely to use your products and goods if they get familiar with you.
Now assume that you have found several groups related to your business and you want to send your advertising messages in these groups every day. The problem is that, in most groups, lots of chats are exchanged, and if you only send your ads in a Telegram group once, it will definitely get lost among other messages, so to get the best result this way, you have to constantly send messages in this group , which is obviously a time-consuming and tedious activity. In this case, you can use an automated tool, such as the Message Sender to Groups, to do it to automatically send your advertising messages on a regular basis in all your target groups.
In the next section, we will explain how this bot works.


of Telegram Message Sender to Groups

Important tips

Using "Message Sender to Groups Bot" is similar to what is described in the tutorial video in this package; That means, first you need to manage the bot settings as you want and then run it.

Tips on Using the Bot

  1. To run this bot properly, your chats on Telegram should not have folders, which means that your Telegram chats should not be categorized into different folders. We have provided the needed information in the video tutorials to learn how to delete the category folders.
  2. Direct Sending Images & Videos to Groups
    If you want to upload your image messages directly (not by forwarding) to groups, you can put your image or video in a channel or group (e.g., create an empty channel or group and put the images and videos in that empty channel or group) and copy its link. To copy the link of that post, just right-click on the post and select Copy Post Link, as you see in the picture below.

How the Bot Works

How to configure and work with this bot is provided in tutorial PDF and video files, which come with the bot. Therefore, we are not going to explain these issues here again.
To launch this bot, you just need to open the vUser Telegram Bulk sender UI program and choose the Message Sender to Groups Bot, apply the required settings by inserting the link to the groups you want to message and the message you want to send. You finally run the bot.

Then, you will no longer need to do anything else and everything will be done automatically by the bot.
After execution, the bot launches Telegram and opens your Telegram account, then searches for the group link you specified in the Excel file and finds the group, opens it and sends the intended message to that group. And then it goes to the second group in your Excel list and continues this process for all the groups mentioned in the Excel file.
You can see how the bot is configured and how it works in the video below.

 پرسش و پاسخ درباره About Send Messages to Telegram Groups Bot

Frequently Asked Questions About Send Messages to Telegram Groups Bot

Are there any limits on sending messages to Telegram groups? No, there are no limits on sending messages to Telegram groups; Meaning that, you can send as many messages as you want in different Telegram groups every day but you should not cross the rules set by the group admins for sending messages, because then the admin may remove you from the group. Is it possible to send messages without joining a group? No, you must be a member of the group to be able to send messages in it. Why can't I still send messages even though I am a member of that group? In some groups, the creator of the group changes the group settings to keep members from sending messages. In that case, only admins or those specified by the creator of the group are allowed to send messages in the group. How can I send messages in groups consecutively? By using an interesting trick and using the Virtual User Send Messages to Telegram Groups bot, you can send your messages in the groups consecutively; you just need to repeat the link of your target group in the bot settings and by doing so, you can automatically send as many messages as you want to your target groups. You can also specify the time interval between messages in the bot settings.

How to Get the “Telegram Message sender to Groups Bot”?

As we mentioned at the beginning of the article, the Telegram Message sender to Groups bot is a part of the vUser Telegram Bulk Sender bot package, and to get the bot you need to purchase the whole package for 59 €.
The Telegram Message sender to Groups bot is just a small part of the Telegram Bulk Sender Bot Package and it includes some other useful bots with magnificent features to help you boost your sales by many more automated targeted activities in Telegram.

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