How to Extract IDs from Telegram Groups

How to Extract IDs from Telegram Groups

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If you wish to make more people know your business by bulk messaging in Telegram , first you’ll need to determine your target audience and gather their contact information.

In this article, we want to discuss why the selection of your target audience is a priority and why extracting IDs from Telegram groups is the best way to obtain the contact information of your target audience and how you can extract IDs of the Telegram group members in bulk.

How does the correct selection of your Target audience affect the result of Telegram advertising?

Suppose that you decide to advertise your business which is women’s clothing by sending direct messages and make more people familiar with it. What would happen if you sent these messages to the men? Clearly, receiving messages related to women’s clothing would not be pleasant for men. Your time and your expenses that you spend on Telegram advertising would not be work out and it would be a futile attempt.

This simple case, clearly shows that how effective the correct selection of target audience could be.

What is the best Way to select your target audience for advertising in Telegram?

Now the question is that how we should select our target audience so that we could clearly see the efficaciousness of our advertisement in our sales rate.

Telegram is full of different groups with different subjects! Telegram groups, have gathered the people who are interested or active in a special field and create a place for them to have conversations and share their opinions and information related to that field.

As a result, the best way to find your target audience would be the extraction of the members’ IDs from Telegram groups that are somehow your competitors and involved in the fields that are related to your job.

By sending these advertising messages to the members of these groups, you are sure that the recipients:

  1. are active in Telegram

  2. are somehow related to your field or, at least, are in favor of that.

So as a result, your message would attract more attention and if you offer good quality and fair price for your services and your products, they will surely become your clients.

In Short
The best way to find your target audience is extracting the members’ IDs from your competitors’ groups or the groups in Telegram that are involved in the fields related to your job.

But how can members’ ID of these telegram groups can be extracted? This question would be answered in the following.

How can the members’ ID be extracted from Telegram groups?

Achieving the members’ ID from Telegram groups is not so hard.

  1. You only needs to open the group and click on its name on top to enter the group’s profile.
  2. See group’s member from the Members section.
  3. Now you can receive that member’s information which are written on their profile like mobile number, name or ID by clicking on each member’s name.
How to Extract IDs from Telegram Groups

Telegram users would usually hide their mobile number to keep their privacy but most users usually choose an ID (username) that every one can see. Having this ID is enough to contact that person in Telegram.

As you may know, advertising would succeed when it happens in large scale and targets a huge number of people. But is it possible to extract that huge number of IDs from Telegram groups manually? In the following, we would answer this question.

What tool can be used to extract IDs from Telegram groups automatically?

Extracting members from Telegram groups by hand would be a really hard and time consuming task, so it is definitely better to use a software program which is planned for it.

The Virtual User Extract Telegram Group Members ID Bot would do it quickly, and and totally automated. This bot is one the several bots which are available in the vUser Telegram Bulk Message Sender Bot Package .

In the following, you will see how to work with this bot to extract the members’ ID from Telegram groups.

How does the Virtual User Extract Telegram Group Members ID Bot work?

The Virtual User Extract Telegram Group Members ID Bot is really easy to work with. The bot can extract all the active and real members’ IDs from a Telegram group and deliver it to you as an CSV file.

For automated ID extraction from Telegram, you only need to proceed the following steps.

Step 1
Open Telegram on your desktop and enter the group that you want to extract the members IDs from.
How to Extract IDs from Telegram Groups
Step 2
Click on the icon that is specified on the image until the Telegram’s right column appears.
How to Extract IDs from Telegram Groups
Step 3
Click on the Members option so that the members appear on the right.
How to Extract IDs from Telegram Groups
Step 4
Now drag the Extract Telegram Group Members ID Bot on the vUser player to run the bot.
How to Extract IDs from Telegram Groups
Step 5
Now you observe that the Virtual User Extract Telegram Group Members ID Bot starts from the first person on the top of the right column and records and saves the registered information of each person’s Telegram profile (including name and ID) in an Excel file which is in the bot’s folder.
How to Extract IDs from Telegram Groups
Step 6
And finally, after the bot repeats these steps for all the Telegram members, you observe the extracted IDs in the Members’ Information Excel file.
How to Extract IDs from Telegram Groups

You see that the data related to each member has been recorded in a specific row of an Excel file.

Are all the IDs that this bot extracts from Telegram active?
The bot starts from the first person in the group members’ list and continue until the last one on the list respectively. Top members on the list are the ones that were online and active recently. So the higher these members are, the more active they are in Telegram, and it’s better to prioritize them to send them the advertising messages.
Is it possible to extract the members’ information as many times as you want by using this bot?
Yes, you can specify the number of IDs you want to be extracted for the bot. The vUser Extract IDs from telegram Groups Bot starts from the top of the list and keeps extracting to the number that you want in the list and finally, it provides you with the number of members that you want.
Does the vUser Extract IDs from telegram Groups Bot present the information of all the group members?
Yes, this bot can extract and provide the information of all the group members shown on Telegram. Telegram wouldn’t show fake accounts, deleted accounts or the accounts that haven’t used Telegram for a long time among the group members; So the bot would not extract data of these accounts. Indeed having the information of such accounts would not be of any use to you.
How fast is the Virtual User Extract IDs from Telegram Groups Bot?
This bot is really fast. The windows version of this bot records 7 to 10 IDs per minute and the web version of it records roughly 100 IDs per minute.

Wrapping up
In this article, we discussed the importance of the correct selection of the target sudience in sending advertising direct messages to people in Telegram and found the best way to access the target audience for Telegram advertising is to extract IDs from specific Telegram groups. Then, we introduced a tool to automate the process of extracting IDs.

Hope you will find this article useful and practical. We are looking forward to your comments and suggestions in Comment section.

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