Telegram Auto Add member to group bot

Telegram Auto Add member to group bot

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The "Telegram Bot to Add Members" is one of the bots in the "Telegram Bulk Message Sender " bot package, and as its name implies, is a software program used to add people to Telegram groups automatically. Actually, using this software, you can add a bulk list of Telegram usernames to your group.

In this post, we are going to explain what this bot is used for or how it works. Stay with us…

What is the Telegram Bot to Add Members used for?

One of the most effective ways for advertising your business in Telegram is to create a Telegram group and introduce your products and services in it. This way, you can bring together people who are somehow related or interested in that field in a group. These people are your business potential customers. Obviously, the more members you add to your group, the more people will get familiar with your products and services, and thus, your sales chance will increase; So you need to look for a way to attract the maximum number of people to your group.

The question is, how can we find these members?

You can increase the number of your group members in two ways:
  1. Buy Telegram Members

    The first way is to buy members for your group; however, we do not recommend this method at all because a high percentage of these members are fake (even if these Telegram member-selling websites claim to add only real members to your group).

  2. Add Members from A Group to Your Own Group

    The second method is to find groups related to your business field in Telegram and add their members to your group. To do so, first, you extract the target group members, and then you add them into your own group.

We recommend the second method because all members you add this way are real, and related to your business field and as a result, you reduce the risk of your group getting reported.

You can use the “Telegram Group Members Extractor” bot for extracting members from Telegram groups. This bot provides you with a list of usernames of all the real and active members of your target groups.

How many people can I add to a group per day by using this bot?
The bot limits on adding members to a group are the same as the restrictions that Telegram imposes on adding members to groups, meaning that you can only add 50 members to a group per day with one account.
But the bot can work with multiple (unlimited) Telegram accounts, and you can add more people to a group with more accounts; This means that if you want to add 500 people to a group, you can specify 10 accounts for the bot and the bot will automatically add the IDs you want to the group using these accounts.
Can the bot also add mobile numbers to the group?
This bot is actually designed to add IDs to groups but with a simple trick, you can add mobile numbers to the group as well using this bot. Just save your desired mobile numbers in your Telegram contacts and put the contact name exactly the same as the mobile number. With this trick, you can add mobile numbers to the group using the same “Telegram Bot to Add Members”.
How fast is the Telegram Bot to Add Members?
In general, the bot can add 3-4 IDs to a group per minute.
Can the bot add all the IDs I give to the bot?
Yes, the bot itself has no restrictions, except for the IDs that have disabled the possibility of being added to groups in their profile settings.
Will the bot stop working if there is a wrong ID in the ID list?
No, if one of the IDs you enter in the bot settings is wrong (ie that ID does not exist in the Telegram), the bot will not be stopped, the bot will just skip this ID, and go to the next ID in the list, and continues to work with the IDs that have Telegram account.

But due to Telegram restrictions, adding members to a group is not that easy; each Telegram account, can add up to 50 people per day. As you can guess, this number is too low to significantly affect your sales. Therefore, you need more Telegram accounts to add more than 50 contacts to your group in a day; For example, providing 10 accounts, you can add up to 500 people to your group per day.

But if you want to manually add a large number of members to your group daily by using multiple Telegram accounts, that is a difficult task for you to do. You need to find each of your target contacts (the people you want to add to your group) in Telegram and add them to the group one by one. As a result, you need a tool to automate the process of adding members to the group in Telegram, so that you can spend your time and energy on more important activities.

As we mentioned at the beginning of this article, “Telegram Bot to Add Members” is a tool that automatically adds a large number of people to your group.

In the following, we want to review the process that the bot goes through to add the target contacts to your desired Telegram group.

How “Telegram Bot to Add Members” Works

In this section, we want to show you how the “Telegram Bot to Add Members” works and we do not intend to teach you how to run this bot. Noted that, the way of setting up and working with this bot is so simple and does not need much explanation. To launch this bot, all you have to do is to open the folder related to “Telegram Bot to Add Members” Bot existed in the Telegram Bulk Message Sender package you purchase from our website; Complete the Excel file, it and launch the bot. Just this! As we said, we do not intend to explain how to use the Bot. The way of using this software is completely explained, both in a video and in a PDF file existed inside the package that will be provided to you, and you can easily set and run the Bot by watching them.

After running the software, the Bot will launch the Telegram program and open the Telegram account for your first line (account). The Bot first opens the link of the group you specified in the Excel file and then copies the IDs you want from the Excel file and searches them in the Telegram and adds them to that group. After adding the first 50 members in the group, the Bot switches to your second line and repeats the same process with your other lines.

To see how the Bot works, watch the video below.

Interestingly, if one of the IDs that you enter in the Excel file is deleted or wrong, the Bot will not be interrupted and will keep running. Finally, you will be informed by the bot that this ID was not found in Telegram.

How to Provide “Telegram Bot to Add members”?

As we mentioned at the beginning of this article, Telegram Bot to Add Members of Virtual User is part of the “Telegram Bulk Messaging Bot Pakage ”. If you are planning to advertise your business in Telegram, the package of the Virtual User Telegram Bulk Message Sender will surely be a very useful and practical tool for you.

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