Telegram Saved Contacts Message Sender Bot

Telegram Saved Contacts Message Sender Bot

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The “Message All Saved Telegram Contacts" bot is one of the bots that exists in the "Telegram Mass Message Sender" package which is a product of the Virtual-User website and is a robotic tool that can send your message along with a photo or video to all contacts whose numbers are saved on your mobile phone.

If you want to know what the “Message All Saved Telegram Contacts" bot can be used for, and how it works, follow us in this article ...

What is the use of the “Message All Saved Telegram Contacts" Bot?

You may want to send a message to all the contacts you have saved in your Telegram, but because of two reasons, it is difficult or impossible for you to do so.

  • The first reason is that you have a large number of contacts and sending messages to this huge number of contacts manually is almost impossible or very difficult.
  • The second reason is that you may want to use bots to send messages to mobile numbers or IDs, but you have not saved the ID or phone number of your contacts in a separate file to leave them to the bot or even some of them do not have any ID or phone number at all (but you have somehow added them to your contacts from groups with the “Add to Contact” option).

Anyway, if these two reasons prevent you from sending messages to all your contacts, you can use the “Message All Saved Telegram Contacts" bot.

In the following, we will explain how this bot works.

How the “Message All Saved Telegram Contacts" Bot Works

In this section, we are not going to teach you how to use the bot, but we just want to show you how the bot acts when you run the “Message All Saved Telegram Contacts" bot.

Having said that, the method of setting up the bot is very simple and does not require much explanation. PDF and video tutorial on how to install and use the software is also included in the package, which you can refer to if needed.

To use this bot, you need to enter the “Message All Saved Telegram Contacts" bot folder in the “Telegram Bulk Message Sender” package that you’ve purchased from our website; just apply the settings in the Excel files and run the bot. simply!

After running the bot, the bot will ask you to specify 3 items: "the number of lines you want to send messages with them", "Number of contacts you want to send messages to them with each line" and "From which of your telegram lines you want to start messaging" And you specify these factors for the bot. Then, you will no longer have to do anything because the bot will do the rest automatically. The bot launches your Telegram account and opens your contacts list, then enters your contacts’ chat box from the first person in your contact list and sends your message to him, and then goes to the second contact. This process will continue as many times as you have specified before.

How can I get the “Message All Saved Telegram Contacts" bot?

The Virtual-User “Message All Saved Telegram Contacts" bot, as we mentioned at the beginning of the article, is part of the “Telegram Bulk Message Sender” bot package, and to prepare it, you must purchase the “Telegram Bulk Message Sender” package. By ordering this package, you can also benefit from the other bots that exist in it.

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